Oh You're So Irresistible

Anna is stuck with the boring life of a college student, her boring life is turned upside down when she meets Niall Horan and she realizes just how irresistible he is <3
~Hope you guys like it ;)~


14. Complications

I spent the next few days catching up on some homework. Niall had become quite a distraction for me, even when he wasn't around me I was constantly thinking about him that I had started to slack in my school courses. Niall was busy in the studio anyways recording so it was perfect timing to get done all the things that needed to get done. I was in the middle of writing a paper for my English class when I heard my phone buzz. I picked my phone up, smiling to myself in anticipation as to what Niall was going to say. I was surprised and confused when I saw that it was Josh who had texted me, a simple "hello". We hadn't really seen eachother since the beach and we both had been kind of ignoring eachother. It's difficult to lose touch with someone that you once were so close with but he just had to realize that Niall was really important to me as well. Maybe he was texting me to apologize. I decided I was done ignoring him and responded:
Me: "Hey, how are you?"
Josh: "okay, you?"
Me: "decent, just doing some homework"
Josh: "Nerd like usual"
Me: "you know me, I just like homework so much :P"
Josh: "haha, what are you doing tonight?"
Me: "um, probably hanging out with Niall"
Josh: "Oh, you think you might have some time to spend with me? I miss my homie ;)"
Me: "lol, yeah probably! Maybe after dinner"
Josh: "great, text me later."
I ran my fingers through my hair, tearing out a couple knots and played with Nialls shamrock necklace. I couldn't help but feel a bit weird about hanging out with Josh now that I had a boyfriend but I really felt like to come to good terms with him what we needed to do was talk...even about the...kiss. I felt my stomach squirm uneasily as I thought about how I was going to talk about that. I sighed picking up my lap top and school books I was done with homework today and instead got out my sketchbook. I flipped through the sketches I had to one that I was working on for Niall.
I had just finished dinner with my mom and was scraping off plates into the garbage when the doorbell rang.
"Oh, Is Niall coming over tonight?" My mom asked as she walked towards the door to open it.
"No it's Josh," I responded as I quickly washed my hands.
"Really? He hasn't been here in awhile," my mom looked at my suspiciously and I shrugged. She opened the door and in the door way stood Josh. I had forgotten how good looking he was. I adjusted Nialls shamrock necklace.
"Good evening Josh, it's been awhile," my mom smiled.
"Yes it has," Josh smiled past my mom at me. I rolled my eyes.
"Well I guess, I am going to go upstairs and leave you two, or uh...?" My mom hesitated looking at me, I hadn't had time to explain why Josh was coming over.
"Yeah mom we are going to talk at the kitchen table," I gave her a stern look.
"Well let me know if you need anything!" My mom said bounding up the stairs to her bedroom. Josh and I moved to the kitchen table to talk, I wiped some loose crumbs off the table before we sat down.

After about an hour, Josh and I were back to acting how we used to be. We were laughing about a couple parties we went to in high school where Josh got so drunk and I had to take him home with a cover story that he got food poisoning. It was good to talk so easily with Josh but I think it was time to get down to business and to talk about the reason why we both knew we were hanging out in the first place.
"So now that you are here I think we need to talk about something..." I said hesitantly.
"Yeah, I kind of thought this would come up," Josh stared back into my eyes not looking away.
"I don't know why you, told me that you liked me when you did," I said.
"I always liked you and I just assumed I guess that I would lose my chance with you, and I guess it just made me angry when I felt like I didn't have that choice anymore", Josh didn't look embarrassed by telling me that, he still continued to stare into my eyes, it made me nervous about this whole situation.
"Well I did like you but I am with Niall now. But I still want to be your friend," I answered firmly. I twitched uncomfortably in my chair, my phone felt heavy in my pocket.
"Yeah, but it's not like you ever had a chance with me though..." Josh said.
"Well, don't forget you slept with Clarissa, what was that about?" I rolled my eyes and got up to make some tea.
"Bored I guess," he responded.
"You know how messed up that is!" I shook my head, as I filled up the kettle.
"I guess...." Josh continued to stare at me, eyeing up my whole body as I stood by the kitchen sink. He got up to stand beside me. I placed the kettle on the stove and when I turned around Josh was standing right infront of me, his hands on either side of me resting on the counter behind me.
"Josh, don't," I gasped.
"Hear me out for a second okay?" He said.
"Fine," I mumbled.
"I still really like you, and I think Niall is a great guy, but I am the one who has known you for the longest time, and I just really like you," Josh smiled at me as he tried to move closer, I leaned as far back as I could. I heard a door slam and foot steps outside.
"Josh I understand that but I am with Niall now, I'm sorry", I responded at him. Josh continued to lean closer to me. I couldn't move back any farther and the counter was starting to dig into my back. Josh moved forward and placed his lips on mine. My fists balled up against my sides. I pushed against Josh's chest until he stopped kissing me.
"You need to leave!" I screamed at him pushing him towards the door. I saw the porch light turn on through the kitchen window and I turned towards it. My heart sunk to my feet as I saw Niall looking back at me in the window, his face red with anger. He must have seen Everything. I felt the hot tears began to fill up my eyes.
"Get out of here Josh! Look what you did!" I yelled at him. I opened the front door running towards Niall.
"Niall, it's not what it looks like", I stared into his green and blue eyes. He looked past me at Josh.
"I am sorry mate, there is more to this story then it looks like", Josh looked back at Niall apologetically.
"Oh really?" Niall sarcastically said moving forward to Josh and punching him across the face. "Stay away from her" he growled at Josh.
"Niall!" I yelled, shocked. Josh picked himself up off the ground, he spat and marched towards his car, getting in and speeding away without one last look at me.
"You know what Anna, you called me, and I thought something was wrong so I came here as fast as I could, and this is what I see, do you know how badly this hurts me?" Niall said, tears streaming down his face as well. I took my phone out of my pocket and looked at it. I had accidently pocket dialled Niall, and he knew I only called when something was wrong.
"Niall, I didn't kiss him back...." I started to explain myself but Niall interrupted me.
"Just don't talk to me", Niall said turning away from me as he headed back to his car.
"What about us...?" I asked. Niall was at his car now and before he slammed the door I heard him mouth "I don't know". I had really screwed things up. How did I think that I would be able to work things out with Josh when quite clearly he wasn't ready to just be friends. I ran inside and slammed the door. I turned the stove off because the kettle was screaming, adding more chaos into my mind. I ran up to my room crashing down onto my bed. I threw my sketchbook across the room and a couple lose pages fell out. I buried my head into my pillow. I didn't even know what was going to happen now. How did everything get messed up so quickly? I cried for a good two hours until I finally fell asleep out of exhaustion. Niall's tears never left my mind the whole time, they even haunted my dreams.

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