Oh You're So Irresistible

Anna is stuck with the boring life of a college student, her boring life is turned upside down when she meets Niall Horan and she realizes just how irresistible he is <3
~Hope you guys like it ;)~


25. Brunch

"Wake up!" Niall whispered in my ear as he playfully nibbled on my earlobe. 
"Ugh, noooo," I groaned as I pulled up the blanket that was covering me so that it was now covering my face.
"Wake up, love," Niall said again as he moved off the couch to stand above me. I laid like that for a couple seconds till I finally removed the blanket that was covering my eyes. I blinked a couple times and saw Niall grinning down at me, his blue-greenish eyes looking into my eyes. He was wearing a black beanie and a T-shirt and jeans. I decided to sit up.
"Are we still going to Harry's?" I questioned  just to make sure. 
"Yes! And I am hungry and Liam texted me thirty minutes ago saying to come over for brunch with everyone," after Niall said that I heard his stomach growl. "Also look I let you sleep so be happy," he grinned as he held out his hands to help me up off the couch. I glanced over at the clock above the TV and it read "1:00 PM". Ugh, I had slept a lot longer than I was planning to.
"Okay, okay. Let me go to the bathroom," I took hold of Niall's hands and stuck my tongue out at him once I was up and made my way over to the bathroom. As I was washing my face and attempting to pin my hair out of my eyes I remembered that we had put Clarissa to bed in Niall's room. I quickly washed my hands and left the bathroom, making my way to Niall's bedroom, and slowly opened the door. Clarissa was still fast asleep, laying face down on Niall's pillows. I walked over to the bed sitting on the edge. I gently placed my hand on Clarissa's shoulder and nudged her to wake up. She rolled over but didn't completely wake up. I nudged her a little harder this time and she groaned and woke up, her eyes were puffy from her crying last night. She propped herself up on her one shoulder and she slowly opened her eyes to look at me.
"Anna....?" She groaned.
"Yes Hun it's me," I said.
"Um...Where am I?" She asked. There was some make up I hadn't fully washed off that was smeared across her face. I used my thumb to wipe a bit of the mascara off her cheek. 
"We are at Niall's apartment," I smiled. As I said that tears began to well up in Clarissa's eyes as the thoughts of last night came back to her. I quickly pulled her into a hug. "Niall and I are going to Harry's apartment to hang out, I figure you won't want to come, but I am sure Niall wouldn't mind if you stayed here as long as you need", I said reassuringly. All she did was nod and smile at me as she laid back down on the pillow. I tucked her in with Niall's blankets. "Text me if you need anything", I said getting up from the bed. Niall appeared in the doorway and placed some clean towels on the ground for Clarissa. I shut the bedroom door and gave Niall a stressed look.
"She will be okay. Good thing she has a good friend like you," Niall said reassuringly as he gave me a quick kiss on the forehead.
"Yeah, yeah," I said as I playfully punched Niall's arm. "Now let's go eat!" I announced as we walked out the door and towards Harry's apartment, which was down the hall. 
When we opened the door, his apartment seemed pretty crowded  as everyone was there. Liam and Louis were playing on the PS3, while Eleanor and Danielle were sitting at the kitchen table giggling about something while flipping through a magazine. Zayn and Perrie were cuddling on the other couch talking to each other in hushed voices. I looked around but couldn't see Harry anywhere. My stomach felt squirmish as I again thought of last night. 
"Hey lads", Niall announced as we went over to sit on the couch next to Perrie and Zayn.
"Hey Niall and Anna", everyone said to us before returning back to what they were doing before we came in. I snuggled in Niall's lap as he watched the TV screen intently. I looked over at Perrie, she really was gorgeous. She could even pull off purple hair. I felt self conscious as I tucked some loose hair behind my ears. Perrie looked at me and gave me a warm smile. It was nice to see that Perrie, like me was just wearing sweatpants and a baggy T-shirt, that probably belonged to Zayn. With Eleanor and Danielle it wasn't the same case, they both were wearing skinny jeans with tank tops, and there hair had definitely been done. It surprised me because of how drunk I had seen Eleanor last night. From what it looked like, I would definitely be the odd girlfriend out. Not nearly as pretty as the other girls, with probably the least fashion sense, and least life experiences. Niall and Zayn got up off the couch to go over with Liam and Louis to join them on the PS3, leaving Perrie and I alone on the couch. I noticed Zayn every so often look at Perrie and wink, and she would look down and smile. They were a really cute couple. I played with my hair as Perrie fiddled on her blackberry; her bubble gum pink nails moving quickly across the keys.
"I like your nails" I said to Perrie.
"Oh these? Thank you!" She smiled as she held out her hand as she admired them.
"Honestly, I do my nails myself cause I am too hyper to sit in a chair while someone else does them", Perrie giggled.
"I am the same way! I am too impatient", I smiled back as I looked down at my dark blue nail polish that was chipping everywhere. "So did you have fun last night?" I asked.
"Yes it was really fun, up until some man was really rude about Little Mix", she replied rolling her eyes at the last part.
"What did they say?" I wondered. 
"Oh just some rubbish about how we couldn't sing, and how no one likes girl groups", she said with a disgusted look on her face. "I almost punched him in his bloody face", she laughed. "Good thing I have Zayn", she smiled to herself. 
"If you ever need help punching a jerk in the face, I can help, I don't think Niall has seen that side in me yet, so he won't know how to control me", I giggled and so did Perrie. I looked over at Niall who happened to glance over at me at the same time. He playfully stuck his tongue out at me, and I blushed and looked down at my hands.
"Awe", Perrie said as she smiled at me, before looking back down at her Blackberry. Suddenly Perrie burst out into laughter as she held her Blackberry towards me. "Oh my Gosh, look what my friend Jesy just sent me", she said through her muffled laughter. I grabbed the phone from her hand and looked at the screen. It only took me a moment to realize why she was laughing so hard. I burst out into laughter too as I tried to cover my mouth. It was a picture of all the boys heads photoshopped onto women swimsuit models bodies. I could tell by the boys faces that our outburst of giggling was interrupting the game.
"Ladies please", Louis piped up as he continued to focus on the game. 
"Boys, is there something you aren't telling us?" Perrie giggled evilly as she looked at me. Her comment made me start laughing even more. 
"What's so funny?" Niall asked me, his eyebrows furrowed together in confusion, not taking his eyes off the screen.
"Oh, nothing, just admiring your body", I said trying to keep a straight face but failing at it.
"Anna, oh my gosh," Perrie giggled as she had to cover her mouth again to keep from laughing. 
"That's it! What is it?" Zayn said playfully as he dropped the controller and walked over towards Perrie. Trying to grab her cellphone from her hands.
"We are going to lose, man!" Liam cried impatiently as he picked up Zayn's controller and tried to play with both controllers at one time. Zayn began tickling Perrie as she tried to keep him from seeing the picture. 
"Zayn stop it!" She laughed. We were all interrupted by the sound of the apartment door opening as Harry entered carrying a Starbucks carton full of drinks in one hand and a Nandos bag in his other hand. 
"Sorry Mates, the line up was longer than I thought it would be, but brunch is served", he smiled at all of us. I felt my stomach drop. Now every time I looked at Harry I feel guilty or upset. I hope there was a chance later where I could talk to him today about last night. 
"Food? Nandos?" Niall chirped up as he put down his controller and jumped off the couch towards Harry who was taking the food out of the bag. Niall greedily picked up two of the orders and joined me on the couch.
"Are one of those mine?" I smiled teasingly at Niall.
"Well I was going to eat both of them but since you asked...", Niall winked at me handing me one of the orders. Niall had already started eating, stuffing his mouth full so he looked like a chipmunk.
 I noticed Eleanor and Danielle grab some Starbucks coffee. Louis walked up behind Eleanor and gave her a kiss on the cheek and they went to go sit at the table where Harry joined them. Liam was sitting on the couch still trying to play the video game. Danielle walked up behind him, lacing her arms around his neck.
"Come on babe, lets eat", she said.
"I was just trying to get us to a check point but everyone left me", Liam said disappointingly as he shut off the TV and pulled Danielle into a hug as they went to grab food. Zayn had stopped tickling Perrie and they grabbed food and sat down on the couch next to Niall and I. We all ate, quietly talking amongst each other. Perrie kept making references to the picture that Jesy had sent her and then smiling at me, as we tried not to giggle. Zayn eventually convinced Perrie to show him the picture.
"Wow some fans have too much time on their hands", Zayn said shaking his head. I showed Niall and like me he burst out laughing.
"You look so pretty", I smiled giving Niall a kiss on the cheek.
"Oh shush", he said. Our laughter brought Louis and Eleanor over to see what was going on. We showed them the picture and Eleanor giggled with Perrie and I. 
"Wow El, my boobs are bigger than yours", Louis commented.
"Louis!" Perrie, Eleanor and I gasped. As Eleanor smacked Louis on the arm. "Only joking", he  smiled at her before kissing her on the nose. We all sat around and talked for what felt like hours until Danielle and Liam, Eleanor and Louis, and Perrie and Zayn left. Only Niall and I, and of course Harry were left. Harry was in the kitchen putting the Starbucks coffee cups, and Nandos food containers into a rubbish bag. I decided to help clean up with the hope that maybe I would get a chance to talk to Harry about last night. I grabbed a cloth from the sink and helped wipe down the counter tops and table. Niall was on Harry's lap top going through his music. I had to talk to Harry without Niall being around because I didn't want him to hear. I didn't know how I was going to do that though. Harry finished putting the last bits of rubbish away and tied the bag to seal it.
"I will take the rubbish out mate", Niall piped up as he got up from the couch. "I have some rubbish in my apartment to take out so it only makes sense", he smiled at Harry.
"Thanks man", Harry handed him the rubbish bag. Niall took it and headed out the door. Perfect. I thought to myself. Now I have a chance to talk to Harry.
"Thanks Anna for helping clean up", Harry said as he sat down on the couch picking up his laptop. 
"You're welcome", I smiled, throwing the cloth into the sink and moving to sit by Harry. "So", I said.
"So? What?" Harry questioned, looking at me. 
"Can we please quickly talk about last night, I feel horrible about it and I don't think I will move on until we talk about it", I answered.
"What happened last night that we should talk about?" Harry asked, he didn't look me in the eye when he asked though. Did he honestly not remember?
"Do you not remember?" I asked, confused.
"If you are talking about how I ended it with Clarissa, well than what do you want to talk about? She is a big girl she can call me up herself to talk about it", he said, anger striking across his face.
"No actually, I am talking about what happened between us last night", I said. My hands balled into fists at my side. His ignorance was making me very frustrated.
"Nothing happened Anna", he growled at me. His eyebrows furrowed together as he angrily thought to himself. I knew he remembered.
"Fine", I pouted as I got up from the couch. Why did I think talking to Harry about something like this would work out, when it hardly worked out with Josh. I walked towards the apartment door. "Bye", I uttered before opening and closing the door behind me. I was on my way walking to Niall's apartment, when I felt someone's arms wrap around my torso. 
"I love you", Niall whispered, his Irish accent ringing through my ears. I turned around to look at my sexy boyfriend. I smiled before immediately locking our lips together. Niall hoisted me up so my legs were wrapped around his torso. His hands rested on my hips, and my arms wrapped around his neck. My fingers trailed through his blonde hair as our lips moved together in unison. Niall walked backwards till he reached his apartment door that was thankfully already unlocked. He closed the door behind him before placing me on the floor infront of him and removing his shirt. I kissed his chest, before he picked me up again, but this time he planted kisses down my neck, and gently sucked on my collar bone.
"I love you too", I giggled. Niall placed me so that my feet were ontop of his feet, as our lips found eachother again. He intertwined our fingers as he again attempted to walk backwards, but this time to his bedroom. We stopped just outside his bedroom door. Niall had his hands under my shirt, slowly trailing his hands closer and closer to my chest. My breath quickened and so did Niall's. I reached over him to the door handle, turning it to open the door. I gasped and pushed away from Niall. Covering my face with my hands. Niall stared at me, confused, his ears turning pink with embarrassment.
"Babe, did I do something wrong?" He asked.
"Um," was all I said. Niall turned around to see what was going on. 
"Bloody hell", he mumbled to himself as he lifted me so I was up off his feet and he walked away into his living room. I walked into his bedroom and closed the door behind me. Clarissa was sitting on his bed wrapped in a towel, with a towel wrapped around her head to dry her hair. She did not look at all upset that she had interrupted Niall and I. Instead she had a impish smirk across her pink lips.
"Wow, looked like you and Niall were getting pretty into that", she laughed as she applied lotion to her arms. 
"Well yeah", is all I said. I realized that my shirt was rolled up a bit. I quickly pulled it down so my stomach was being covered again. "So, why are you still here?" I asked annoyed. It had honestly been six hours and she still hasn't left yet. 
"You said I could stay as long as I needed and I really didn't feel like going home", she pouted. "Plus, Niall has a really nice apartment", she added. This was typical Clarissa, to act numb to everything and pretend like nothing was wrong. I honestly hated when she got like this.
"Well you have to face the day eventually, I know you are hurt and I am here for you but you can't hide here forever", I said, trying to give the best needed advice at this moment. 
"I could care less about that jerk", Clarissa grimaced to herself. I knew she was lying, of course she cared. 
"Okay, good. Well, Niall is giving me a ride home so I am sure he can give you a ride home", I said. 
"Mmm-kay", she smiled at me. I smiled back until turning around, rolling my eyes so she couldn't see. I snatched the dress up that I wore last night and went to the bathroom to change out of Niall's clothes. When I came out of the bathroom Clarissa was still in her towel sitting on the couch next to Niall, giggling. 
"Alright, lets go!" I tapped my foot impatiently. 
"So impatient babe", Niall laughed as he picked up his keys and sunglasses off the table. Niall had put his shirt back on in the time that I was talking to Clarissa and changing.
"I don't have clothes so I will just wear this home", Clarissa said.
"Okay", was all Niall and I said as we walked out of Niall's flat. He gave me a look and I just shrugged. That had definitely been an interesting two days. 

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