Oh You're So Irresistible

Anna is stuck with the boring life of a college student, her boring life is turned upside down when she meets Niall Horan and she realizes just how irresistible he is <3
~Hope you guys like it ;)~


23. Been Awhile

It has been a week since Jess has come home and as well since Niall has met my family. My dad hasn't said anything about Niall since then so I'm assuming that's a good thing. Well at least I hope it is. When they first met I was more nervous than I had let on because I didn't want Niall to be really nervous. My mom absolutely adores Niall, she keeps on saying what a lovely boy he is and how we are cute together. Jess is super excited about me dating Niall. She keeps running around the house shouting: 'I can't believe my sister is dating Niall Horan.. From One Direction!' It's kind of cute actually how much she likes him. I guess the fact that he is in the biggest boy band helps a lot. Niall wants to hang out today so I am going to go over to his flat to watch a movie.

 I didn't realize I was day dreaming until I heard the sound of my my professor shut off the projector and closed his laptop. He dismissed the class, and a couple of the keener students ran up to the front of class to ask questions about the up coming assignment. I just darted out the doors as quickly as I could. My book bag clanged heavily against my side. I rushed as quickly as I could to my vehicle. I started the engine and turned the radio up to hear Jesse J filling my car as I backed out of the parking lot. Thank god it was the end of the week!  I had a paper due this week and a major midterm. I was excited to spend some needed time with my boyfriend. I heard my phone buzz in my purse that was thrown in my passengers seat and I could tell that Niall was excited for me to come over too. I pulled into the car park outside Niall's flat building. I pulled my black cardigan over my bare shoulders that was only covering a purple tank top. I had grey leggings on and my hair fell over my shoulders with a clip to clip back my bangs. I waited patiently outside of Niall's flat door for him to open it after I knocked several times impatiently. Niall opened the door and huge grin spread across his face as his eyes wandered to my face.
"Hey babe!" Niall said as I jumped into his arms and he pecked me on the cheek. He wrapped his muscular arms around me and held me close. I hadn't been able to hang out with him all week because of school and he clearly missed me, which I thought was really cute. I giggled as he placed me on the ground in front of him.
"Hey!" I exclaimed as I kissed him on the lips before he led me over to the couch, our hands intertwined.
"So how do you think your tests went?" Niall asked while he snaked his arm around my waist as we sat down on the couch. He pulled me close to him.
"They went good I guess..." I sighed thinking about how exhausted I was from doing all my homework this week.
"You probably did great on them! Don't worry so much!" Niall exclaimed as he pecked a kiss on my cheek and turned the TV on so Little Miss Sunshine the movie started playing. He had been out of school for so long that I felt like he forgot all about how difficult it could be sometimes. I tried not to let that part of our relationship get in the way. I leaned my head onto Niall's chest and instantly felt relaxed and all my stresses went away. Niall's hand played with my hair. I loved it when he did that. 
"Do you want to make lunch together?!" Niall asked as I felt his stomach growl under my head. 
"Sure, I'm starving!" I laughed and pulled Niall off the couch. Our love for food we sure had that in common.
"I'm feeling like pancakes.." Niall said while looking for the ingredients in his cupboards.
"Do you even know how to make pancakes?" I tried to stifle a burst of laughter at picturing Niall cooking pancakes. I knew he didn't know how to make them, he probably expected me to make them. 
"I take offence to that!" Niall laughed and lifted me so I was draped over his back.
"Niall put me down!" I laughed and playfully punched him in the back. 
"Not until you tell me that you love your Irish Leprechaun!" He laughed as I giggled.
"No! I'm not going to tell you that!" I laughed into his shoulder.
His hands came up to my sides and tickled me.
"Niall no!" I gasped for air as his hands made their way to my feet now.
"How are you still holding me up!?" I laughed trying to stop him from grabbing my feet.
"I don't know. You're as light as a feather!" He laughed as he placed me on the counter top and stood between my dangling legs. 
"Oh really!?" I laughed at him.
"You still haven't told me you love your Irish Leprechaun!"
"I'm not going to say that!" I laughed.
 I saw him smirk as his hands emerged from his pockets and moved towards my sides.
"You wouldn't dare!" I laughed as my eyes narrowed at his hands.
"Oh but yes I would!" He said while inching closer to me.
"Fine! Fine! Just please don't tickle me anymore! I love my Irish... Leprechaun.." I reluctantly said.
"There that wasn't so hard. Was it?!" He laughed and brought me into a kiss. My hands immediately went up to his hair as I tangled my hands in his hair. Someone cleared their throat and I broke the kiss to see who it was, Niall looked up too although he also looked annoyed. I bet he regretted that all the boys had a key to his apartment sometimes.
"Ummm.. Yeah sorry I just needed to ask Niall something.." Liam asked as he awkwardly stood in Niall's apartment doorway. Niall 's hands left my waist as he walked out his apartment with Liam. I decided to take it upon myself to look for the ingredients. I found the pancake mix and the rest of the ingredients and started pouring them into a bowl. 
"You've got that swag you've got that attitude.." I sang Cher Loyd's song quietly while I mixed them in a bowl. Niall came back in with a grin on his face.
"So what did Liam want?!" I asked while pouring some flour into the bowl.
"He was wondering if we would want to go out to a club tonight with all the boys including Danielle, Perrie, and Eleanor!" Niall exclaimed as he left a kiss in my cheek. 
"Yeah that would be great! I have had such a long week!" I sighed as I continued mixing the pancake batter.
"Can Clarissa come too?" I bit my lip hoping that it would be okay if she came. We haven't had time to hang out in a while and I think she would feel replaced and ditched if I didn't ask her to come too. 
"Sure! We are going to head out at 9:00,"Niall said as he grabbed a pan and started heating it over the oven. I quickly sent a message off to Clarissa and continued on making the pancakes. Niall hummed softly as he flipped another pancake. I took some of the pancake batter and wiped it on his nose. I giggled and sat up on the counter. Niall turned around and playfully scowled at me and grabbed a handful of batter and made his way over to me. 
"No, no no!" I laughed as I backed further onto the counter. Just as I said that his hand came up and wiped a huge chunk of batter on my cheek. He laughed as I grabbed some flour and flicked it at his face. 
"Take that!" I giggled as a ran around the kitchen.
"Is that all you've got Anna?" Niall snickered and smeared flour into my hair.
"Niall!" I gasped. That's it! I took a cup of flour and dumped it onto his head. I clenched my stomach and laughed. Niall grabbed me by the waist and pulled me so I faced him. He eyes trailed down to my lips until he connected our lips. Every time we kissed I felt sparks fly through my body, I would never get used to that feeling that Niall gave me.
"You would be so dead right now, good thing I love you!" Niall chuckled softly. We finished the pancakes and ate them really fast because they tasted to good. Niall went to have a shower while I cleaned up the dishes. His phone went off and I ignored it. It wasn't until like the one hundredth time that it buzzed that I decided to see who was trying to contact him. I unlocked his iPhone and saw a bunch of messages from the boys.  
While I was scrolling through Nialls 's phone I felt it buzz under my finger tips. The caller ID said it was Harry. Niall was in the washroom so I decided to answer it. 
"Hey, it's Anna speaking," I said into the phone. 
"Oh hey, how are you?" Harry asked me in his cheeky voice.
"Pretty good. And yourself?" I asked back as I paced around the apartment.
"I am great babe. Where is Niall at, I got to ask him some questions about later." Harry said.
"He will be like another minute, or so," I said.
"Cool, cool. You are coming tonight, right?" Harry asked.
"Yeah, for sure. And I invited Clarissa too..." I said, I trailed off at the last part because I wasn't sure if they still had their "thing" together or not. 
"Oh, okay." Was all Harry said. Not too sure what that meant but I would make sure to ask Clarissa about that tonight. 
"Want me just to get Niall to call you back?" I asked. 
"Okay sure, talk to you tonight Anna" he said as he hung up the phone. I wondered what was taking Niall so long. After Harry's phone call the text message conversation had between Niall and Harry appeared on the iPhone. I was about to press the home button when I noticed that one of the text messages dated back to when Niall had taken our trip to Paris. I knew that this was wrong but in this moment curiosity was taking over and I just had to read what the messages said. I looked over at the bathroom door and I could hear that Niall was still in the shower. 
This is what I read:
Harry: nice trick going to Paris: city of love.
Niall: hahah yeah I know
Harry: Are you going to?.... ;)
Niall: don't know yet. Hopefully.
Harry: Anna is fit, you have to tap that bro
Niall: I am trying...
Harry: use your Irish skill on her 
Niall: I'll let you know how that goes 
Harry: tell me how it goes ;) x.

I quickly scrolled down to the bottom of the messages and pressed the home button and placed his phone back on the table. My cheeks were flushed red. I had never known this whole time that Niall was talking to our friends about personal stuff like that. I know Niall is a guy and all so of course he thinks about sex but we had never talked about it much so I assumed it was okay. Now I just felt so much pressure and was upset that Niall could talk about me in such a typical boy way. I was raging in my head that I didn't at first even feel Niall slip his arms around my waist. I could feel that he wasn't wearing a shirt and that he had only his towel that was wrapped around his waist. I turned around and avoided eye contact with Niall. 
"Harry called and you should get dressed," I gave him a weak smile as I lightly pushed him away. He gave me a funny look before he sauntered back to his room and closed the door. I sat down on Nialls couch and hugged my knees close to my chest as I thought about the night in Paris where Niall and I almost had sex. I still did not feel ready. Could I not give Niall what he wanted that were so clear in the text message? I rested my chin on my knees and closed my eyes. I felt somebody's lips press to my forehead from behind me.
"What's wrong babe?... Don't be nervous about meeting Dani, El and Perri," Niall cooed into my ear. I laugh inside my head as Niall  clearly being the typical guy thought that that's why I was acting different. I shifted out of my position on the couch and stood up making my way over to the door.
"Babe where are you going? I thought we could watch a movie before we go out tonight..?" Niall questioned as I turned the apartment door knob. Play it cool Anna, don't act like your mad at him because he won't know what he has done, I think to myself. I turn around and fake a smile at Niall but its so hard to be disappointed in him because when I look into those blue eyes my heart always melts.
"I just thought that I would go home and get ready and that you could pick me up at like 8:45?.." I say. Niall gets up and walks over to me with a grin on his face. 
"I guess I will pick you up at your house then!" Niall laughs and pecks me on the cheek before I kiss him on the lips and close the door behind me. I sigh as I walk towards the elevator. I can't be mad at him.. Can I? He is guy and I understand that he has needs.. But really?! Talking to the most perverted guy ever about our  love life.. Harry Styles.. Oh my...

**** Hey guys we are so sorry that its been so long since an update!! But finally we have taken the time to update!! Thank you so much for the support on this fanfiction and we will continue to make time for this fanfiction because we love you guys so much! Keep commenting, favouriting and liking our story! Also we were thinking of publishing our fanfiction on Wattpad as well as continuing to update on Movella's! So it will be published under my same account name 1DEurope5 :)****







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