Oh You're So Irresistible

Anna is stuck with the boring life of a college student, her boring life is turned upside down when she meets Niall Horan and she realizes just how irresistible he is <3
~Hope you guys like it ;)~


27. Back For You

I walked into my house, slamming my front door a little louder than normal, to release some rage. I dropped my shopping bags on the ground, completely oblivious to the fact that I wasn't alone. 
"So how was your day?!" Somebody asked me. I jumped at the sound of Niall's voice. A little scream escaping my lips. 
"Holy shit Niall! You scared the crap out of me! How did you get in?" I yelled, my hand placed over my heart. He laughed while walking towards me. His face brightly lit with laughter. As much as I loved his face and laugh, I was trying very hard not to like it right now.
"Your mom let me in before she left to go take your sister to your dads." He said while wrapping his arms around my waist. He left soft kisses on my neck. "Ugh, I missed your beautiful face today," he said in between the kisses.
"Oh," was all I said before pushing Niall off me and walking to the kitchen to make some tea. Niall gave me a confused look as he sat down at my kitchen table. I tried not to look at him as I filled the kettle with water. My chest felt funny, and I knew it was because I had been trying to stay strong for too long today. 
"Baby is everything alright..? I thought you had fun with the girls today?" He questioned. "You seem upset", Niall's face got paler with concern, he slowly got up off the chair to lean on the counter across from me. His blue eyes stared intently at my face, while I avoided eye contact with him. 
I didn't answer his question. I placed a tea bag in my cup and waited for the water to boil, focusing more on the kettle than the boy that was waiting for me to answer.
"Babe...?" Niall questioned, his voice filled with concern. 
I finally sighed before deciding to answer.
"Yeah the shopping was great actually, I had a lot of fun with the girls and we talked about stuff..." I said while turning to give Niall a slight glare. Niall shifted awkwardly in his stance against the counter. I think he was starting to figure out that he did do something wrong. 
"That's great what kind of stuff?" He asked, while playing with his hands that were folded on the counter. 
"Why didn't you just tell me?" I asked, raising my voice. 
"Tell you what?" Niall asked sheepishly.
"Niall cut the crap...! I know your going on tour...in a week, and that you weren't going to tell me! Were you just going to fricking leave and then tell me? Huh is that what you were going to do?" I didnt wait for him to answer, I just continued yelling. "Gosh Niall why didn't you tell me..? I asked while walking towardly him and placing my hands on my hips and staring intently into his eyes waiting for his answer. It was Niall this time that avoided eye contact. 
"Anna...." He paused before continuing on with what he what he was going to say.
"I was going to tell you, I just didn't want to upset you", he said.
"Well it looks like you avoided upsetting me", I said as I used my hands to try to push him. Niall didn't budge. 
"Well it's more that I don't want to leave because I will miss you too much and I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want us to spend the next couple days like they were our last until we see each other again..." He sighed while trying to open my hands that were balled into fists at my sides. I quickly pulled away. I think it was because of everything that had happened in the morning before shopping but I snapped.
"Dammit Niall! You should have told me! What the hell! With everything going on now this just adds to everything.." I yelled as I beat my hands against his chest trying to push him. 
"What do you mean?!" Niall asked while grabbing my hands, stopping my weak attempts at trying to hurt him.
"Niall, you are living the dream aren't you?! Dammit everything you do is just so easy for you! I have to get a job to pay for my schooling, I have to get a job to pay for my clothes, I have to get a job for the things I want. I don't even know if I can afford my tuition for next year. My fricken family is broke and to top it all off my parents are trying to make it work which just ends up causing more pain for Jess. I am sick and tired of being that one person that has to pull herself together for the sake of everybody else!" I yelled while I felt hot tears stream down my face. Niall let me slip my hands away from his as I sunk to floor of my kitchen, curling up in a ball. This kitchen I felt was a place constantly full of tears, there was the night my sister passed out and the first time Niall and I broke up because of Josh. Niall just stood there for awhile taking all in what I said before he sunk to the floor next to me, immediately pulling me over to his lap and embracing me into a hug. I buried myself into Niall's chest as my tears stained his white T-shirt.
"My parents can't pay for my tuition anymore, I don't know what to do," I sobbed. "And now you are leaving me, what am I going to do without my favourite person around to cheer me up?" I cried as I pushed myself closer and closer to Niall. I was wrapped completely around Niall like a small child.
"Shhh baby, it's okay I will always be here for you. We will figure it out. No matter how far apart we are I will always come back for you. Don't worry." He cooed into my ear, as he rubbed my cheek soothingly with his thumb, wiping away some tears falling down my cheeks. 
"I am tired of always being strong," I said looking into Niall's eyes that were glistening blue. 
"Anna, you are the strongest person I know, everything you have been through, it's one of the reasons why I fell in love with you," Niall smiled, kissing me on the nose. 
"Please don't leave me Niall, stay with me tonight?" I cried as I held Niall's face in my hands. 
"Anything you want.." Niall said as he playfully tugged on the shamrock necklace that was faithfully strung around my neck. We stood up and Niall strung his arm around my back and the other one under my legs, carrying me to my bedroom bridle style. We flopped down on my bed. Our backs on the duvet, our hands intertwined, my hair spread out across the covers. I stared at the ceiling letting a few more of the tears trail down my cheeks. 
"Babe, you are going to be okay. We are going to be okay", Niall said, as he brought our intertwined fingers to his lips. We talked for a few hours until Niall had me laughing again. 
"Harry was wearing a ladies thong?" I asked laughing.
"Yes, bloody hell, he is a weird lad sometimes", Niall laughed back. 
"You should do that one time", I teased. "For me"
"I think I have made you naughty", Niall laughed as he pulled me into his chest. 
"I was always like this", I giggled as I bit Niall's lip and winked.
"It was definitely me", he teased as he smiled under his kiss. I stared down at Niall's face as he stared up at my face. His eyes lit up brightly causing me to blush and look down. I stared at the collar of his shirt.
"You are beautiful you know that right?" Niall said as he used his thumb to lift my face up to his. I crinkled my nosed and shook my head in disagreement as I gave Niall a peck on the lips. I heard the door downstairs unlock indicating that my mom had come home. Her footsteps echoed as she walked up the stairs. 
"Anna? Are you home tonight?" She asked as she hovered outside my closed bedroom door.
"Yeah mom, come in", I said, as repositioned myself so I was laying beside Niall, instead of ontop of him. 
"Oh!" My mom gasped as she realized Niall was here too. 
"Hello", Niall smiled.
"Hi Niall, did you have to wait long for Anna to get home when I let you in?" She asked.
"About 15 min", he smiled.
"That's good. Did you have a good day Anna?" My mom asked me as she picked up some dirty clothes off the ground and placed them in the wash basket.
"It was okay", I smiled. "Is it okay if Niall stays over tonight?" I added, hoping that my mom would say yes. 
"Sure, don't be too loud though, I am really tired, I had a long day", she responded as she walked over to the side of the bed. She kissed me on the forehead and gave Niall a pat on the shoulder.
"Good night", my mom smiled before exiting my room and closing the door behind her.
"Loud?" Niall asked. "What does your mom think we are going to be doing?"
 I blushed deep red, giggling. "Niall! She probably meant talking and laughing", I punched his arm playfully.
"I know, I know", he smiled as he kissed me. He rolled so he was ontop of me as we began to kiss very passionately, our hands not being shy at all tonight.

I woke up to the sound of a car door slam from my next door neighbours. I yawned and stretched as I blindly fisted the vacant blankets around me. Niall was gone. My heart sunk. I opened my eyes, allowing them to adjust to the light as I propped myself up. On my one pillow was a folded note that said "Anna" on the top of it. I smiled to myself as I picked it up and opened it. It said:
"Hey beautiful: I had to go home to help Zayn with something and I didn't want to wake you up. Once you wake up though please come over xx Niall" 
My grin spread huge across my face at Niall's romantic gesture. Last night had been a really difficult time for our relationship and now I didn't want to spend any time away from Niall at all before he left. I jumped out of bed quickly. I rummaged through my wardrobe looking for something to wear. As I finally settled on a pair of skinny jeans and fitted grey tank top. As I was trying to find a pair of clean socks I tripped over the shopping bags that contained the items I had gotten with the girls yesterday. My stomach felt squirmy as I thought about the lingerie I had bought. I quickly emptied the contents of the bag on my bed and stuffed the bra and knickers under my pillow. The last thing I needed was my mom deciding to do some cleaning and stumble across her daughters lingerie. Especially before i had a chance to even use it. The red dress I hung up neatly in my closet. The images of last night flashed in my head, as I continuously tried to remember how Niall said everything was going to be okay. I knew I was going to miss him, but I had to be strong. I finished applying my make up and brushing my hair before I went to my car to drive to Niall's house. The whole way my stomach felt weird as I knew that Niall and I only had a few more days together before he had to leave. I couldn't get that fact out of my head. 
I knocked on Niall's door twice before letting myself in. As I closed the door behind me I could hear a soft strumming following beautiful singing coming from Niall's living room. I quietly walked over so that I wouldn't disrupt Niall's playing and snuck up to stand behind him as I watched him play. His fingers moved gracefully across the strings as he plucked the chords creating perfect music. His beautiful singing voice filled the quiet space leaving me speechless. 
"I’ve never been so into somebody before
And every time we both touch I only want more
So tell me nothing’s going to change yeah
And you won’t walk away yeah
Cause even though every night you’ll know what I’ll say
Goodbye." Niall's voice rang through his apartment.
I ran my hands down Niall's chest as I planted a kiss on his neck and cheek. 
"That was so beautiful", I whispered into his ear.
"Just like the girl it is written for", Niall said as he played with a strand of my hair.
"What do you mean?" I giggled.
"I wrote these lyrics for you, I have been working on this for awhile now and I just finished, I have been writing all night", Niall said as he turned his head to kiss me on the lips. 
"You should play for me more often", I sighed as I walked from the back of the couch to the front to sit next to Niall. I casually strummed across the strings while smiling at Niall as he positioned his fingers to make a C-chord. 
"I am going to take you out tomorrow", Niall smiled at me while placing his guitar on the ground and pulling me into his arms.
"Mmm, you are?" I smiled. Niall poked my side playfully.
"I want us to have a super special date before I have to go. Somewhere memorable", Niall said while kissing me on the cheek. I blushed as I thought back to the lingerie that was stuffed under my pillow back at my house. I think that would definitely help make the night memorable. 
"I couldn't agree more", I said laying my head on Niall's chest. 





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