More Than This

the story is about Zayn sister name Skylar Malik and Harry Styles. that what im just going to give out hope you like it.


1. Meeting Zayn Sister

                   "SKYLAR ,COME DOWN HERE !!!" My brother Zayn yup Zayn Mailk from One Direction yelled at me to go down stairs "WAIT,RIGHT NOW I WILL BE DOWN THEIR, GOSH"okay i sounded a little mean but i don't care because he is the same so let me introduce my self and why i don't like my brother. My name is Skylar Malik i bet you haven't  heard about me the reason is because my "brother" and i don't get along ,i bet you why your wondering why we don't get along is because I'm adopted and sense i got here Zayn have been mean to me i don't know why but he has. When i was 15 my  mom decided to put me in adoption because i was to violent i will get in fights with who ever messes with me so you better not say anything about me.Today I was going to meet my brother band for the first time because every time they came over i will always find a way to not meet them but i guess today I'm out of luck because they are staying over for their summer vacation.My mom Tricia and my sister went on a summer vacation but i didn't wanted to go because i rather be at home and hanging out with my friends than being on vacation. When i finish meeting my brother band I'm going to the mall with my bff because i don't want to be stuck with them and yeah i do have friends I'm not those loner girls I'm very popular.

                I grab my phone my money and purse ready to leave.I went down stairs and the first thing or person i saw was a very cute curly hair with very pretty green eyes i think he notice me because he was just staring at me i didn't blush or anything because i don't role like that ."Zayn umm I'm going out with my friend okay, bye" I was getting to ready to leave when he said"Umm why don't you introduce your self to my friends" "Why are talking to me so nice all a sudden but any ways hi my name Skylar Smith but known as Skylar Malik" "Hello my name is Harry, Harry Styles" "Okay nice to meet you" "hello my name is Liam its nice to meet you" "hello " "Hello my name is Louis" "hello Louis" "And last but not least Im Niall hello" "okay hello Niall".

                  When we finish introducing each other,"umm it was nice to meet you umm see you around i guess" I said and left. When i got to the mall i saw a group and you wont guess who it was.

Author's message

 sorry for the short story hopefully you guys like this is my  first story and hope that i could continue it thank you :) 









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