Weird Wolves

Poppy Jacobs lived an ordinary life.. Well kinda. She could never seem to fit in. Always in her own world. Until an unexpected party invite shows Poppy has been noticed... But is it by the wrong people?

*Contains some violent scenes*


1. So, My Basic School Day!

Forests. Most people choose to walk around them, rather than through. But not me. I loved listening to the leaves rustle, the twigs crunch and the sound of traffic being slowly muffled by the tall pines. To me, forests seemed calm. Quiet. Not the deadly places that you see in horror movies, where crazed murderers wait for you in the bushes. Today though, the forest seemed different. Or was it me?
I always walk through the forest on the way home, following the clearly marked path, enjoying the peacefulness. 

Only, it was a little harder to follow the path, this time, as it had been covered by slushie snow. Even though I should be slipping, I wasn't. It was as if my converse had changed into some really expensive snow boots. I didn't look at my feet. It's not like I needed to. I didn't even need to look out for ice. I did look behind me though and saw fresh tracks in the sludge. My tracks. It would be so easy for someone to follow those tracks and they would soon find me. I didn't know why but I needed to cover them. To hide them. So every few steps I walked, I wiped out the tracks. It slowed me down and someone would still be able to follow my scent but it would take them a lot longer, making me further in-front.

A noise to my left made my head turn sharpish, ready to attack or defend. Squirrels. I calmed down and carried on walking. It was starting to get dark but that didn't matter, I would still be able to see. 

Sludge squished beneath my feet. The sound was eerie through the silent forest. It would give me away. I slowed down, aware that any other sound would alert.. Them. A howling in the distance made the hair on my neck stand up. It wasn't just a wolf howl. It was a warning. They had found me. They were coming. There was no time to run. I could hear them now. The thud of their footsteps getting louder. Closer. Three wolves came bursting around the corner and slowed to a walk. They advanced. One step at a time towards me, with teeth bared and hackles raised. I wasn't going to run, I thought, as I bared my own teeth and got ready to pounce!

I woke with a jolt. Heart pounding, I lay back on my bed and tried to remember the dream. The more I tried to remember, the more it got warped and twisted. I could barely figure out the facts from my own imagination, even though none of it was real, of course! I looked at my digital clock. 6:30! Ugh! I'd woken up a FULL half hour earlier than I needed to! There was no point in falling back to sleep now.
Clumsily, I got out of bed and stumbled downstairs, yawning all the way. Rita was awake as usual. She gets up at five every morning to practice cleansing and meditation. I'm happy to say that Rita's not my real mom, just foster. My actual mum left me to move with some guy to Australia. As if I needed her anyway! So, Rita is all I've got.
I took my time eating breakfast and taking a shower. Even if I did wake up half an hour earlier than necessary, I was still going to be late to school. Not that I tried to be early anyway. I got ready as slowly as I could, without Rita nagging at me, that is. If it was up to me, I'd still be in my dressing gown until I was really late for school. 
You see, I try to get to school late so I don't have to spend any time outside of the classroom. The reason for this is because I am hated by one of the biggest gangs in the estate; Kacey's Gang.


They're feared by everyone, even the teachers. People pretend not to notice when a kid gets beat up outside, or someone's phone gets stolen. You don't want her as an enemy but sadly, that's what she is to me.
So every morning I have to try to get to class without Kacey seeing me. I don't know what she would do if she ever caught me alone and outside of school. Inside school, with witnesses, is another story.
The reason she hates me is pretty dumb. You know how I said she is the leader of the biggest gang? Well, she gets the say in who joins and who leaves. Not that anyone has left. They wouldn't dare. I heard that she got her gang to break the legs of the last person that tried to leave. I think it was her own cousin.  It's like some sort of an honor to be offered a place in the gang. No-one has ever refused. Except for me.

It was on my second day when she first approached me. I knew her face but I couldn't remember her name. People started to whisper around me. Some started backing away. Those who stayed looked at me with sympathetic eyes. I assumed Kacey was some sort of bully. She certainly looked like one, with her gleaming black hair and her cat-like blue eyes. She looked like a hungry panther, watching her prey. On either side of her, were two identical girls. Obviously twins. They also had black hair, but it was shorter and not as eye-catching as Kacey's. The twins were probably Kacey's bodyguards. 
A  crowd had started to form around me. Kacey pushed her way through, irritably.  I should have been afraid. I wasn't. No way was I going to let some "Future Prom Queen" intimidate me. I stood my ground, looking Kacey firmly in the eye.  She looked slightly startled that I hadn't already ran away screaming or whatever it was that she wanted me to do. When Kacey finally came to a stop in front of me,  she beamed. Something that I wasn't expecting. Kacey nodded to the twins, who started clearing away the small army that had now surrounded us. 

When everyone had left, Kacey turned back to me, still smiling.
"Hey!" She said, in a sing song voice, "I'm Kacey!"
So now I knew her name. I nodded.
"These guys are Katie and Kali"
So that was the bodyguards covered.
"You're Poppy."
It wasn't a question, more of a statement.
I nodded again, unfazed.
"You don't talk much, do you?" Asked Katie, or Kali.
"Are you sure she'd fit in?" Questioned the other twin.
Kacey looked at me, considering something.
"Yes. She looks like she could be evil" Smirked Kacey, a wicked glint in her eye.
For the first time, I decided to speak up, "Evil?"
Kacey looked at me. "Yes. Evil enough to be in our gang!"
"No, thanks." I smiled and walked away.
I didn't turn back.
That was it. Or so I thought. The next day, I got pushed down the stairs, fracturing my ankle. Next, my bag was stolen. The next, I was locked in the changing rooms. Things that looked like accidents, cleverly disguised. That was how Kacey's gang worked. That's what made so many people scared of them.

I made it to school with five minutes to spare. People had already begun to make their way to lessons, so I joined a small group heading through the doors. Luckily, Kacey wasn't in my year, she was in the one above but Katie and Kali were and they were both in my class. My first lesson happened to be art. This was my favorite lesson as I didn't need to talk to anyone and we never had to partner up. I had a table all to myself which meant I got extra handfuls of art supplies and such. The Twins loved to torment, forever flicking paper and pencils in my direction. As long as they didn't interfere with my art, I didn't mind.

I was near the sink. filling up my paint pallet, when I heard the classroom door click. Assuming that it was probably a late student or Kacey coming to give The Twins orders, I didn't bother to turn around. It was only when I saw a shadow fall across the sink that I looked up.

It wasn't Kacey or The Twins. I didn't know who this person was.



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