Weird Wolves

Poppy Jacobs lived an ordinary life.. Well kinda. She could never seem to fit in. Always in her own world. Until an unexpected party invite shows Poppy has been noticed... But is it by the wrong people?

*Contains some violent scenes*


2. I got a party invite?!

Whatever I was going to say went straight out of my mind. The girl in front of me had such startling green eyes that I could only gasp. They were clearer than a turquoise pool and brighter than a sparkling emerald. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I should stop staring but I didn't. I couldn't break eye contact. It was as if my life depended on it. The more I stared, the darker her eyes became. They were slowly getting dimmer. Less bright. Almost as if they were... Red? 

That's when I looked away. I heard a soft chuckle coming from the girl. I looked at her again, only this time I focused on her hair instead. The color, I think, was blonde. But it had so many other colors that I wasn't sure. There were flecks of gold, red, brown and white. It fell in gentle curves past her shoulders. She was wearing a deep blue dress, complete with a white ribbon around the waist. It wasn't something that I would wear to school but each to their own. I noticed she was wearing a delicate, gold chain around her neck. Hanging from it was a crescent moon. It looked expensive. Everything about this girl's appearance showed she was from a wealthy background. What was she doing standing next to me? Me! Of all people!

"Are you going to stop staring or...?"

The girl's voice shocked me. I immediately became embarrassed. I was staring at this poor girl as if she were a mannequin in a shop window.

"S...r...y!" My voice was dry and croaky. Clearing my throat, I tried again. "Sorry! I've just never seen you around before!"

The girl chuckled again, "You're Poppy, right?"

"Erm... Yeah..."

I was about to say more, when I noticed the K's staring at me. I didn't want to get the new girl into trouble with them, so I mumbled a goodbye and made my way back to my table, feeling the angry stare of The Twin's on my back. I was sure to get it when I left the class.

I heard the chair scrape to my left. I was astonished to see the new girl sit down and begin to unpack her stuff. I considered telling her about why she couldn't sit there but I realized that I didn't even know her name. 

"The name's Blaise, by the way." Blaise smiled.

I sighed, "Look, Blaise, you can't sit here..."

"... I know but I'm not going to let some glittered up glamour queen stop me from sitting where I want!"

So Blaise did know about me! I looked at her in amazement before remembering not to stare and went back to my work.


When the bell rang for the end of class, I sat back and looked at my work in appreciation. This drawing was the best, by far! We had been asked to draw a mythical creature. After a long time deciding, I opted for a werewolf. I drew a huge beast, covering my paper from top to bottom. Eyes red and mouth foaming. Claws tearing at the ground. Teeth strong and menacing. Wanting to take it home, I left my desk and went to ask my teacher. However, when I got back to my table, it had gone. Angrily, I looked at Blaise, who quietly pointed to the K's. Figures!!! All that hard work, for nothing!

If I weren't so scared of the outcome, I might have been tempted to ask for it back. This would mean more torment from the K's. Something I could live without. I shrugged it off and settled to moaning to Rita about it when I got home. She wouldn't do anything. It would probably ruin her "natural zen" or whatever else she believes in.


Nothing out of the ordinary happened for the rest of the day. I got hit in the head with a football and pushed into a wall. Oh, how fun it was to be me. Before leaving, I went to check my email on the school's computers. Rita won't let me have one of my own, too busy spending all her money on yoga classes. 

Our school library is quite dull and dreary. Only five bookcases, some only half full. Books are torn and thrown everywhere. Miss Bogden is forever fixing them with sellotape. I don't know why she bothers. Dotted around the room are the typical posters of "Reading is fun!" or "Grab a good book!" Judging by the dust covering the shelves, no-one has properly cleaned this place in a while. I considered asking Miss Bogden if she needed help around the library, anything to keep me inside most of the school day. However, this would cause more ridicule, so I decided against it.  I picked an ancient computer near a wilting plant. Typing in my log in details, I wandered around. It would take at least ten minutes for the old machine to wheeze to life, so I might as well pass the time.

"Here again, Poppy?" a friendly voice came from behind a bookshelf.

"You know me, Miss B, always looking for somewhere to avoid the outside world!"

Miss Bogden appeared from around the corner, struggling to carry the armful of ripped books.

"Here," I say, as I make a grab for the heaviest looking volumes.

"Oh, thank you, dear. Just pop them on that table over there. Someone's snuck in and trashed the place again!"

"Haven't you caught them in the act?"

"No! And that's the funny thing! I set up cameras around the place, on the doors, behind the desk, everywhere. And, well, I'm probably being silly, but it's as if the books are ripping up themselves!"

I carefully place the books onto the table. "What do you mean?"

"Follow me," Miss Bogden motioned for me to look at the computer behind the desk. "You see, I set the cameras to record everything, so I could show the culprit to the head, but watch here," 

A black and white flickering image appears on the screen. The librarian pauses the video and plays it frame by frame. It's showing the bookshelf at an angle, not fully revealing either side of it. The video doesn't reveal much either. Just  a few books being thrown onto the floor, and the white flutter of pages being pulled out.

"Miss B," I began, "Maybe you just can't see the person because of the camera angle?"

"That would explain things, yes. But I can't help wondering how the person got back out without being detected by the camera first! I mean..."

Whatever she was going to say next was interrupted with the booming sound of the computer start up. Rushing to it, I quickly turned it down and looked over to see if Miss B was going to continue. She seemed to have forgotten the matter and was busy fixing the mistreated books.

Shaking my head at her small attention span, I clicked onto my email. It took another five minutes to load up. When it did, I was shocked to see, for the first time, that I had a new message. Usually I get sent offers or notifications from other things I've signed up for. This time, it was an actual message!

I clicked the blinking icon multiple times. Who would send me an email!? Me!? Of all people?!

My jaw hit the floor as I saw who it was from; Kacey!

'Dear Poppy,' it read,

'I'm so very sorry for being so mean and unwelcoming to you these past few months and would like to make it up to you once and for all. I'm not sure if you know that it is soon going to be my sixteenth birthday party! It would mean so much to me if you could come! I hope that we can put everything behind us and start again! It's going to be big! With ice sculptures, chocolate fountains, an indoor pool, caterers, limousines... The works!

If it sounds like your kind of party, then make sure you get to:

13 Foundation Road

Crescent Street. 

8 'til late!

It's on the 19th. The dress code is formal! I really hope you can make it.

See you there,




Smiling to myself, I logged off and headed for the door. I didn't care how or why. Somehow, I was going to that party and no-one. No-one! Was going to stop me!

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