Your Movements; A Larry Fanfiction

~ RATED 14+ ~
Seeing eachother at school and then at a gay club...? What else could these two boys be up to?
[VERY MATURE, although please read on] x


2. Who Is That?



It's football (soccer) practice now, the team is just hanging out with eachother. I stood by the fence. I saw the back school doors open, and out came two guys I had never seen before. They were seniors though, like me. Out came a blonde and a curly brown haired boy. They had their backpacks on... Wait. I have practice every Friday. I have never seen them come out those doors before. They walked down the path, and then the curly haired boy grabbed the blonde's snapback, and ran down the little hill laughing. The blonde screemed in laughter, "Harry! Gimme mah hat!". He had an Irish accent, anyone could've noticed it from wherever. So Harry. The curly haired boy's name is Harry. Cute. Wait. Louis, no. Harry yelled back, "Why? Shade sounds good right about now!" He laughed and slowed down, so the blonde could catch up and then said, "Ha. Caught'chya.", then pinned Harry down to the ground. Are they dating? I felt a sudden rush of jealousy. Why? Harry looked up and saw me watching. His gorgeous green orbs were staring right at me. He smiled. At me?! He's attractive. He pushed the guy off him and said, "Niall," and he stood up. So his name is Niall? Cool. We made eye contact and all of a sudden Niall put his arm around Harry. I sort of frowned, and Harry must've noticed because his smile turned into a questioned face. I got called over for practice to start. "Louis! Practice time!" my friend Josh yelled. I turned around, "Alrighty!". When I turned back to Harry, he stood in a distance and started walking off. I felt bad because when I answered Josh, it caused me to break eye contact. I think I like him. No Louis, he isn't gay. Forget him! Move on.. It was probably just a spur of the moment..... He doesnt think of you as anything more than a stranger.




Louis? That's his name. Cute. Wait Harry, no. He isn't gay. Stop thinking about him. We walked back to the car and Niall suspected something. "Hey Hazza?" He asked, and I looked back at him, "Yeah?". He laughed, "Go talk to him.". I looked confused, yet I knew what he was talking about. I studdered, "W-What do you mean?" He replied, "You felt something for him, didn't you?". Suprised, I said "What the heck? Niall...", "Don't be angry." He continued, "I think he definitely saw something in you too." Did he? I wonder. Niall got in the drivers seat and I got in the passengers seat. Niall started driving and made sure to keep the conversation going. At the same time, he kept his eyes on the road. Oh my god! My eyes widened, "Shit. I forgot to call my mom." and he said, "Well don't just sit there, call her.". I called her and this is how our conversation went:

Me: "Mom?"

Her: "Where are you?"

Me: "I'm going to Niall's... It's Friday."

Her: "Ha, I know."

Me: "Okay, well bye."

Her: "Are you staying the night?"

Me: "Yep."

And with that, we hungup. Niall looked back at me, and then back to the road, "So, you wanna hangout at my place, then go to the club later? It's still pretty early." and I simply nodded, "Sure.". I couldn't stop thinking about Louis. His amazing blue eyes, his lovely smile, his hair that swayed to the side. I like him, and let's say, I wanted to see him... And soon.

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