Your Movements; A Larry Fanfiction

~ RATED 14+ ~
Seeing eachother at school and then at a gay club...? What else could these two boys be up to?
[VERY MATURE, although please read on] x


3. Naked Boys



It's Friday, almost 8:30 p.m. The day has gone by way too fast. I'm so bored. I've been sitting here since I got home from school, around 4:40. I'm just watching the telly in my flat. Yeah, I'm 21. I have my own home. I'm still a senior because I didn't pass one of my end of the year final exams. I failed by about two points. Yeah, I'm totally pissed. Besides that, you should know something about me... I'm gay. I don't know exactly if I've mentioned that yet or not... But anyways. I have nothing to do. All of my friends were either out of town, or hanging out with other people. I thought to myself, "Why not do something fun?" So I decided I'm going to a gay club. It's kind of awkward, considering there are a bunch of half naked guys grinding on you... Strangers actually. But I don't mind. It kind of turns me on, hehe.

I got up and grabbed my phone. I also grabbed my wallet, put my shoes on, and headed out the door.




Me and Niall have been sitting on the couch for a while now, watching the telly. We looked at the clock, and Niall said, "We should get going." With that, we headed out the door. "Don't forget your wallet" I reminded him. "Oh yeah," He said, "Thanks." He started the car, and we were off. I wonder whats going to happen tonight? My mind has a bunch of things going through it.




I arrived and parked my car. I walked toward the entrance. Once at the door, you could almost feel the music... That's how loud it was. I showed the man my ID and instantly when I walked in through the door, I saw many, many bodies just grinding. TURN ON. Holy shit. I navigated my way, slowly, through the herd of males. Trust me, if I was drunk, I would've been riding these guys so hard right now.

I finally reached the bar, and ordered a drink, "Just a shot please." and with that I waited. I looked around exploring my surroundings and letting my eyes wander. Once I saw the door, I gasped. Harry?




First thing I saw, him. Clear as day. Louis! .. Louis? At a gay bar? God, he is gay! I feel so happy. I looked at him, and he was already staring. So thats what we did for a few seconds, just stared. He smiled and looked down. I said to Niall, "Louis.. Louis. He-He's here." I smiled, ".. he's gay." and yet while I said that, I didn't take my eyes off of Louis. I heard Niall whisper, "Go." and I said, "Will you be alright?" He looked around, "Haha, yeah mate. Go make love.. AND WEAR PROTECTION!" I rolled my eyes, "Don't drink too much." and he laughed, walking away and toward the crowd. I was left there. Alone. With Louis. I knew there were a ton of guys here, but I felt like it was just me and Louis. I know, cheesy.. Judge me. He looked back up and used his pointer finger, mentioning me to go over to him. I gulped and started walking. So many men... Once I reached him, he looked at the empty seat next to him and back up to me. I sat down, now making us about two feet away from each other.

Lust. Lust came over me. I just wanted to fuck him, then and there. No Harry, you have't even met him yet. He stopped the silence, "Hey. Harry, right?" He knew my name. How? "Y-Yeah.." I studdered, "H-How did you-.." He cut me off, "After school. I heard that Niall guy say your name. It's a nice name too." He giggled at my studdering and I blushed. I started looking down. Wait. I'm Harry Styles, I don't blush? Not THAT easily anywho. I looked back up and into his lushious blue eyes. He must've noticed my blushing though because he just chuckled once more. I make him laugh. It's actually a comforting feeling. I said, "Thanks, and you're Louis.. Right?" He looked puzzled, "That's me!" We both laughed, then he said, "Well I could ask the same thing." I was confused, "What do you mean?" and he replied, "Well, how did you know my name?" I said, "Oh yeah, I heard your friend call you over, saying your practice was starting." He said, "Yup. That's Josh for yah!" and I just nodded adding, "Is he here? Did he come with you?" He laughed, "He isn't even gay. Ha, he would never come here. Not even if the world depended on it." and he blushed. I made Louis blush! He looked down, trying to hide it.




I can't blush, nobody can make me blush! Maybe it's the alcohol. We've had two shots already... Making us kind of silly but still sober. We both knew what was happening. "He can't see me blush!" I said to myself but he must've heard it because all of a sudden I heard him laugh, "Already did!" and I just sat there staring at him. Had I said this aloud? I felt so embarassed.




We had two shots. I looked away from Louis for a second, trying to locate Niall. There. He probably already had about four shots.. Why? BECAUSE LEMME TELL YOU.. Niall was standing on a table in only his boxers whipping his extra clothes in the air yelling,  "NO NEED TO FEAR, SEXY IRISH MAN IS HERE!" He jumped down and started grinding with some of the surrounding men. I couldn't help but smile. Then I felt someone whisper in my ear, "Did he come here with you?" His warm breath sent me shivers. I turned around and saw a sad faced Louis. I said, "No, no! I mean sorta... He invited me to come here so I could find a boyfriend, but we aren't together." and he held out his hand, standing up, "You wanna dance, pretty boy?" He winked at me and I took his hand. Mine was bigger than his, but his were much warmer. "Sure." was all I said. He smiled, which made me smile. He said, "You cheeky boy, you." and then we laughed and went to the dancefloor.

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