Your Movements; A Larry Fanfiction

~ RATED 14+ ~
Seeing eachother at school and then at a gay club...? What else could these two boys be up to?
[VERY MATURE, although please read on] x


1. Locker Room



I was walking back from 7th hour, the day is almost done. I had gym class last hour, and we just so happened to be outside that day. We just played some football (USA; soccer), and I didn't do much, so I'm technically sweaty... But I do like playing it. It's a fun game. The class was on their way back to go inside to the changing room, or as we call it, the locker room. I walked up that small hill behind everybody. I'm not complaining or anything, I mean I like the quiet, but sometimes it's just nice to have somebody to talk to. Anyways, we reached the top of the little hill and entered the locker room. Me being last, every guy was almost done. Baha, I walked in seeing all these half naked guys in front of me... and surrounding me for that matter. I went over to my locker and opened it, changing out of my gym pants and into my school pants. I then removed my gym shirt and put on my school shirt. I put my gym clothes back into the locker.  Did I mention that I go to a private, all boys school? Yeah. My mom was scared that if I went to a public school, that I would find away to get a girl pregnant. Typical mom. Little does she know that I'm gay, and sending me here is actually better for me. There are plenty of gay couples here, so it's not like you would get judged. I have never seen anybody get judged over that. You don't get bullied about being gay, but you get bullied about who you date. I just don't understand? Like... Just leave them alone and let them be happy. I have never judged, being gay myself. Otherwise, people don't care if you're dating a guy. I've never met a guy that I like yet.. Like like. I have a few best friends; Isaac, Niall, and Sam. I saw them leave the locker room already, out of the corner of my eye... Except for Niall. Out of them three, Niall is my best friend. We definitely have the best bond and closest relationship. He is my complete best friend. We know everything about eachother, he is the only one who knows that I am gay. But nobody else in our little group of friends is gay, I don't think. Although, Isaac and Sam do have something, like they do tons of stuff together without us... They do everything together. Example; they left the locker room together and Niall waited for me. I was just finishing getting dressed when the bell rang. Finally the day is over. "Hey, Haz?" Niall asked me, popping his head out from around the corner of my gym locker. Making me jump. I half yelled, "God, Nialler! You almost scared me half to death!" and he just laughed and came out from behind, "Haha, wasn't that the plan?", "No!" I half plafully yelled. He just laughed again, this time clutching his stomach. "Well, you wanna hangout today?" He asked. I said, "Sure, lemme call my mum... What're we doin'?", "Well... We're going to a gay club!" He spoke. I stood there in shock. Why does he want to go there? "Uh... Ni?" I asked, "Why do you want to go there? Of all places?!?" He replied, "Because, silly. You're lonely.", "You do realize there will be gay guys grinding on you and flirting with you, right?" I stated a fact in a question sort of way. "Ha. Yeah, I can be gay for one night, it's for you. It's worth it." He said, which made me blush. I looked down at my shoes. "Alright, cross your lucky Irish fingers for me!" I chuckled. "Will do, let's go. We have a club to get to!" he replied. I'm glad he didn't see my face, otherwise he would've just made a joke of it. Don't get me wrong, he's completely attractive! I just like him as a best friend though. And with that, we left out the back door, not our normal route, but I was fine with it.

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