Your Movements; A Larry Fanfiction

~ RATED 14+ ~
Seeing eachother at school and then at a gay club...? What else could these two boys be up to?
[VERY MATURE, although please read on] x


4. Dancing and...



He put me in front of him, and we started dancing. Soon enough, I felt two hands on my waist. I looked down, and they were Louis'. I smiled, and Louis pulled me closer. We were grinding now. My ass was against his dick. I started swaying side to side, and he swayed up and down. Then I felt him.. BULDGE?! Because of me? God. I'm so turned on right now. He turned me around and took off my shirt, I did the same to him. His abs were to die for. I caught him staring at me, watching me basically drool over his body. He started laughing, "Take a picture, it'll last longer." and he grinned at me. I saw lust in his eyes. I wanted him. Yes. Let your perverted mind roam. He grabbed my hands and put them on his shoulders. We faced eachother, very close now. Grinding our dicks together. I started to buldge at his buldge and I couldn't handle it anymore. I cupped his face, and smashed my lips onto his. Soon, he understood and started rubbing one hand in my hair, and letting the other lay on my ass. Our lips moved in sync. They balanced out.




He wanted me. I wanted him. From that kiss, I now could tell that he liked me. And I liked him, alot. I pushed my tongue at the bottom of his lips, asking for entrance, which he quickly admitted. Our tongues fought for dominance, and we explored each others' mouths and tastes.




We were each exploring. We tasted a little of alcohol. It didn't bother me, and Louis didn't seem bothered by it either. Both shirtless, dicks grinding, both buldging like crazy, tongues playing... I could tell where this night was heading. You know all those rumors about me sleeping with girls? Yeah. I wasn't technically technically a virgin, but with Louis I felt like I was. I mean, I've never had sex with a guy before. Wait, Harold. What are you doing? This could simply just be a snog session. You think too much, Harry. Then I felt Louis start putting his hands on my legs and chest. He was just feeling me all around. I froze. He had a worried expression on his face as he stopped the kiss and said, "Harry? You okay?" and I unfroze and looked into his eyes an said, "Uh... It's nothing, Lou." What. I just called him Lou? Fuck. I quickly noticed what I called him and said, "Oh my god, I'm sorry!" and he just laughed and said, "It's fine... Haz." and then he winked at me. I smiled. He's so damn cute. He continued what he was saying, "... You wanna go to my place? I know something is wrong, and this isn't the place to talk about it." I studdered, "I-I dont k-know.." but he cut me off as if reading my mind and knowing what I was going to say. He said, "We aren't drunk, we won't do anthig stupid." I looked around, "What about Niall?" I asked. And Louis said, "He'll be alright. Just text him later or somethin'. C'mon." he held out his hand, "Are you comin'?"

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