Your Movements; A Larry Fanfiction

~ RATED 14+ ~
Seeing eachother at school and then at a gay club...? What else could these two boys be up to?
[VERY MATURE, although please read on] x


5. Ariving at the Flat



I reached for his hand and nodded. He interlocked our fingers and it was comforting, until he let go so we could get in the car. He drove us to his flat, and the car ride wasn't awkward at all. He kept his eyes on the road and I kept taking small glances his way. He tried starting a conversation, "So, Haz?" and I looked up while he continued, "Where ya' from?" he asked. I replied, "Cheshire. Holmes Chapel to be exact. You?", "Doncaster." he said back, "We're almost there." and he looked back at me and then to the road. "Okay." I responded, "I'm going to text Niall. Tell him where I went." He said, "Sounds good." I reached for my phone in my back pocket and grabbed it.


From: Hazza, To: Nialler

Message: hey, i donno when ur gonna read this, but i already left the club... im goin to lou's house. he invited me over


From: Nialler, To: Hazza

Message: yo mate, have FUN with him. i knew somethin would happen, so i put a condom in ur wallet


From: Hazza, To: Nialler

Message: um.. thanks? haha, u doin okey?


I started getting worried. It's almost 1 A.M. SHIT. Almost 1 A.M.?!? Time went by super fast. I felt my phone buzz again.


From: Nialler, To: Hazza

Message: welcome (; & yah im fine


From: Hazza, To: Nialler

Message: good, gtg. we're almost here & im so nervous bc idk whats gonna happen!


I have butterflies.. What happens if I do end up using that condom? What if I mess up? My phone buzzed again. Niall.


From: Nialler, To: Hazza

Message: dont be nervous.. if he really likes u, he'll accept u. just be urself. but when u leave, dont forget to clean up any messes u make (;


From: Hazza, To: Nialler

Message: ok mum, lol bye


Then I locked my phone and put it in my pocket.




He was texting Niall, and his hair kept getting in his face. Then when it did, he would mentally get mad at it and swoop it back over with his right hand. I could see through the corner of my eye, that he kept looking at me, and then away. It frustrated me because I knew he wanted me, and I have desperately been wanted him all night. He looks tense. He has his head rested back, his body is sort of slouching in the passenger seat, and he kept playing with his fingers. He seemed nervous for some reason. I tried calming him down by saying, "I know we haven't officially known each other long, but you can talk to me... about anything." He looked at me and then back to his fidgety fingers. His very muscular fingers. I then continued, "I won't judge you, I promise. You can talk to me about anything." Harry kept playing with his fingers and with his raspy voice, he said, "What are we doing tonight?" and I immediately saw concern in his eyes. He was trying to hide it. I said back, "Well um.. We can invite a few of our friends over and play truth or dare? Later on, if you want to, you can spend the night and either sleep in my bed with me, or in the guest bed. Or I can give you a ride to Niall's?" He gave a little smile and said, "Can I invite Niall over? For the game, I mean. Because I love truth or dare!" he laughed. I laughed too. But it hurt because he completely ignored the part where I mentioned staying the night. I replied to him, "Of course! Can I invite my friends Liam and Zayn over too?" He simply replied, "Yeah sounds good, Lou." then went back to playing with his fingers. I can't take it anymore!! I blurted out, "Haz? Uh, what's on your mind?" and he turned his head to the window saying, "It's nothing." and looked at me to give me a fake smile. He's hiding something from me. I knew it. I think I may have an idea what it is.. "Harry?" I asked him. "Yeah?" he said. I replied, "Is it me... Or?" Right then he shot his head up and said, "What are you talking about?" and I looked where we were. We still had about two houses left. I sighed and said, "Nevermind. We're here." and I pulled into my driveway. He unbuckled, "Finally, seemed like a year." and he chuckled. We got out and started walking to the door. I locked the car.




I was only thinking about me and Niall's conversation. Also, I didn't mean to ignore Louis' question about staying the night. It's just that by the time I thought about it again, it was too late to answer. He was so into me, like in the car... He kept trying to get me to tell him.

He opened the front door to his flat, and we walked in. He said, "So Haz." and I looked around, "Yeah, Lou?" I asked. He said, "You wanna call Niall? Then just give me the phone and I can tell him the address." and I took out my phone and dialled his number, "Alrighty." Louis said, "I'll be right back, I'm gonna call Zayn and Liam." I yelled the back, "Kay." Niall picked up on the second ring.

Ni: "Hello?"

Me: "Nialler, it's me. Harry"

Ni: "Oh hey, lad."

Me: "Hi."

Ni: "Why'd you call?"

Me: "We're gonna play the truth or dare game, here at Louis' place."

Ni: "Okey...?"

Me: "Come over, it'll be fun. Please?"

Ni: "I don't know.."

Me: "Pretty please, Niall. Pleaaaaase."

Ni: "Alright, calm yo tits boy. I'll come over, but give Louis the phone so I can get the address."

Me: "Alright."

I gave the phone to Louis who said, "Liam and Zayn are on their way." and he took the phone.




and Louis gave the directions.

"Kay, bye."

and then hung up the phone. He handed it back to me and I stuck it in my pocket. Well. This should be interesting.

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