Breathe into Me

Aaron Rodgers is a butler who takes care of Mistress Caroline, who is always frail and sick. But we see from his perspective what exactly goes on inside his head. He lives in the mansion alone with his mistress in the Victorian Era. To be quite specific, London, England. Twas a dark time then. And not everyone was very trustworthy... He worships and adores her and caters to her every need. But he is quite mysterious and he may be deceiving to the first encounter. His past still remains a mystery.... Even to his mistress....


2. Chapter 2.

The morning sun peaked through the stained glass windows, creating a vast array of colors on the floor. My cheeks felt wet. I got up from the couch and yawned. I must have cried again last night. I sighed and walked over to the bathroom. I looked into the mirror. Pale icy green eyes stared back at me. They pierced my vey soul. Skin, a glowing, sleek ivory surrounded my entire body without any sun damage or blemish. I raised my hand to touch my face and leaned in closer to the mirror. Still cold. I am forever to stay that way. Long brown hair pushed back into a messy ponytail. The ribbon had slightly come undone in my hair. I laughed at my being untidy. I undid the buttons of my shirt and threw it to the floor. I sighed and looked at my chest. Still swelling with pride. I was always told I had a woman's frailness yes the muscles of a noble lion. I would have to agree with that. Being a vampire, superhuman strength comes naturally. I have never lost a fight in my life. Except with myself. I took out the ribbon and let my hair fall to my shoulders. I sighed and turned my back to the mirror and turned my head slightly to see it. A scar from long long ago. Every now and then it would open and bleed. But nothing serious. I cannot die. I am immortal. Only a certain poison blade can do so. I frowned at the scar and walked into the secret door that goes directly to my quarters. It's nothing great. But it's enough. I walked over to my dresser and opened the shirt drawer. I pulled out a clean white shirt and changed into fresh clothes. My usual clothes. What every established butler wears. I went out of my room and towards the staircase. Quickly up the stairs and around the corner. I opened the door to my mistress's room. She was already awake. She turned around and smiled at me.

"Aaron!! My cough is gone!! I feel better already!!" she said quickly hopping out of the bed.

She had her father's shirt on. It went below her hips and almost reached her knees. I sighed and laughed. She rushed over and jumped up, wrapping her arms around me in an embrace. My mistress is quite young. She is 17. But she is short and constantly mistaken for a child. I pet her head gently and smiled back at her.

"How long have you been up, Caroline?" I asked.

"Since daylight!" she replied with a smile.

"Misstress!! Why have you not told me?! I would have made you breakfa-"

"No need to do so, Aaron." she cut me off abruptly, "I'm fine. Sunrises are even more beautiful than I imagined!!! I want to go somewhere!!!"

There was a spark in her eyes I just couldn't say no to. I suggested some places that I could take her and she listened very intently. Then she made her choice. She wished to visit her Aunt in Kent. She packed up everything she needed in a suitcase. She stopped suddenly as she was packing up her clothes. She turned and looked at me with her angelic hazel eyes.

"Aaron, make preparations at once. I want you to gather several of my nice dresses and put them in a case. Gather two horses from the stable and attach them to the carriage. Then, I want you to dress me in my travel clothes and make me look presentable to Aunt Elodia. Is that clear, Rodgers?" 

I nodded and kissed her hand gently. 

"Your wish is my command milady." I said as I walked out. I quickly ran down the stairs and towards the back door. The stables were already alive with the nickering of the horses. As I opened the door several of them happily snorted to get my attention. I smiled and pet the nose of our most prized stallion, Captain Diviné. His features were those of a god's. Beautiful muscles. His body was as black as the night. He stands proud and tall at 16 hands(5 feet 4 inches). He lightly nudged my cheek and tossed his head playfully. I undid the latch on his stable and he stepped out carefully. He is most loyal to me and my lady, so naturally he follows without guidance. He is a Friesian I believe. Next, I walk over to Epona, our beautiful and brilliant white Friesian mare. I open the latch of hers and I look back to Captain. He whinnies and trots beside Epona. As I head towards the empty carriage I hear a strange shriek. I jumped back in surprise to see that it was only a hawk. Enough with details though. I hook up both Epona and Captain and I head back inside to help Caroline. I take her bags and bring them over to the carriage and strap them down. As I help Miss Caroline into it she looks back at me and blushes. I feel my own cheeks heat up as a smile crosses my lips. We depart for Kent slowly but surely. 

"Come on now, pick up the pace!!" I call to the horses. They both snort and start at a smooth trot. Their feet clacking on the rocky road as they move. The birds chirp in their happy songs of the morning and a few doves fly over our heads. Tis a lovely spring morning and the wind is softly blowing through the trees. I look back at the mansion slowly sinking into the horizon as we travel farther from it.  The sun slowly dims behind the clouds. The winds pick up and blow around my hair and the horses' manes and tails. We head towards a little town filled with life. People smiling and laughing. Dogs loyally following their masters. Children playing around with each other. I turn and see several shops filled with people. And then suddenly a scream of terror. A thief has robbed a stand and killed the owner. The scent of blood fills my nostrils but I strain myself to hold back. I quicken the horses and we quickly get out of the area. Now it's on to Kent. A 3 days journey. I stop at a local bed and breakfast and walked over to the man who was standing at the door. He smiled kindly at me and spoke.

"Welcome, my good man. Is this a town carriage or a personal?" he asked gently

"It is personal, sir. I am the butler to Miss Caroline Riley Benson. Do not make a fuss, for my mistress does not like the public attention. Now if you please,  do you have a place I can put this carriage for the night? and a temporary stable?" I looked him in the eyes. He must have been the owner. 

"Yes, sir. We do. Right in the back." he replied with a bright smile. 

I nodded to him and opened the door. I held out my hand for Miss Caroline and she gently took it as I helped her down from the carriage. She stepped up the stairs and in the door that the gentleman had opened. He bowed lightly to her and smiled. He certainly took notice to her beauty. But I knew he wouldn't try anything because I saw the golden ring on his finger. I helped  bring the luggage up to her room and placed it carefully on the floor. She sat on the bed and tested it. The gentleman from the front, the owner, came to the door and leaned on the door frame. 

"Is it to your liking milady?" he asked politely. 

She nodded meekly and then sat up to speak. 

"Very much, sir. May I ask your name?"

"Benjamin Folger, m'am." he replied. 

"Benjamin, hm? Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Folger. May I ask who the lucky lady is?" she asked as she glanced at his ring.

"Certainly, ma'm. Her name is Helen. She makes the most delectable food I have ever tasted. She does a fine job, she does. She and I have been together for 20 some years." Mr. Folger replied with a smile.

He was proud of his wife. A sparkle lit up in his eyes as he praised her and talked about her. The rest of the work had already been done. I was shown to a room right next to my mistress. And so on and so forth the night had come. 

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