Breathe into Me

Aaron Rodgers is a butler who takes care of Mistress Caroline, who is always frail and sick. But we see from his perspective what exactly goes on inside his head. He lives in the mansion alone with his mistress in the Victorian Era. To be quite specific, London, England. Twas a dark time then. And not everyone was very trustworthy... He worships and adores her and caters to her every need. But he is quite mysterious and he may be deceiving to the first encounter. His past still remains a mystery.... Even to his mistress....


1. Chapter 1

I sigh softly as I prepare my mistress's tea. Yet again she has fallen sick with pneumonia. The grand hall is quiet and lonely. No one else works here but me. Nevertheless I get things done. My name is Aaron Rodgers. I am the butler of Miss Caroline Riley Benson. It is quite unimportant of my image but my lovely mistress very visage is like a painting from God. Pale sleek skin accentuates her deep hazel eyes. Hair as black as midnight falls delicately below her shoulders and stops abruptly upon her chest. She is well taken care of by me. but she is frail and very prone to sickness. She is very demanding. However, I am inclined to obey her every command. I mustn't go against her wishes unless the circumstances of any situation are high. The teapot and cup clatter softly against the tray as I lift it from the counter. The hallway rings with the lonely sound of my shoes. I step quickly up the stairs to her room. 

"Aaron, you're late." comes her delicately raspy voice

"A thousand apologies, milady, but this tea took particularly long to boil." I reply as I step into her room.

It is as elegant and beautiful as she is. The carpet, a persian rug directly handmade from Egypt. The walls painted an elegant white with small patterns of gold etched into it. A bed fir for a queen and king. It's very framework is astonishing. But let's not drift off into detail. I handed her the tea and her silver plate with sugar cookies. 

"Miss Caroline, I must stress that you get enough sleep." I pleaded.

She was silent for a moment and slowly sat upright. 

"I'm fine Aaron. I-" 

She stopped to cough and wipe off the sweat on her forehead. Which, mind you, alarmed me so that I ran to her side but spoke in a soft reserved voice 

"Miss, have you any idea how reckless you are? Stop talking immediately and rest."

Her face was red as an apple and she was breathing heavily. Her eyes softened to a look of terror. She tried to speak but I put a finger to her rose petal lips. Another fit. I carefully removed the covers off of her. Caroline started to cry she barely had any voice left. I look a wet rag and placed it on her forehead and she quickly grabbed my wrist. I looked down at her grip on me then at her face. Her sleeve had slightly fallen off her shoulder. I felt a smile curl the ends of my lips. She then went into another coughing fit but this time droplets of blood stained the ivory colored sheets. My impulse to do what I was born to do took over me. Sharp fangs elongated from my canines. I had no control. I was a bloodthirsty beast. I bit into the soft flesh at the nape of her neck and drank happily as her sweet nectar-like blood touched my lips. She knew what I was. She knew what sort of changes come over me when I do transform into a hideous monster, a vampire. Yet she held still. As I released her, I looked at my marks I left. No. Not again. I've done harm to her again... I ran away from her and her room. Fangs slowly retreating back to human canines. I had failed to protect her. Even from myself. Caroline was the only person who ever accepted what I was. What I am. Living is a pity. Dying would be bliss. Even if I try, I always fail. I am forever immortal. I have killed more people that I care about.. Just because of what I am. Hideous. Horrifying. All that I am... Is a disgrace. But nonetheless, I live to serve only Miss Caroline. She found me. I saw the look on her face as I ran. She wasn't scared. I had been found alone on the dirty streets. Blood stained clothes and a hungry, insane look plastered upon my face. I had hot tears streaking down my face and I could still taste the blood on my tongue. 

"Damn this flesh of mine!! Curse the fowl breath that I breathe!!!" I called out between sobs.

I had calmed myself somewhat when I heard my mistress calling out to me

"Aaron?! Where did you go? Come back! I command you to-" a couple of raspy coughs and a bit of a silent scream. 

I ran as fast as a cheetah chasing its prey. She had fallen out of her bed and her nightgown had almost fallen all the way off of her shoulder.

"Mistress! I'm so sorry! I took advantage of you yet again. My impulse it-"

I felt her sweaty palm touch my face and her delicate thumb wipe away a tear. She was panting for breath but she was smiling.

"Aaron... Please... Don't cry..." 

Her voice was fading and slowly dissipating. I carefully took hold of her hand and let my silent tears flow down like a river.

"I'm supposed to be the weak one..." she said laughing a bit.

I touched her forehead. It was almost like touching the hot coals of a fire. I picked her up from the floor and placed her on her bed. I quickly dipped my handkerchief in her water glass and wiped her forehead. Caroline means everything to me. I cannot let her die. I then brushed her soft as silk hair out of her face. Her face was a smile of pain. I took down the vile of medicine from the cabinet and held it to her lips. She didn't like it but she knew it would get rid of the fever. Her body was violently shivering and she was still panting for breath. I'm not just an ordinary vampire. I can return breath that has been lost. Only way to do so is still just as disgusting as the creature I was. I shook my head softly and sighed. This has happened many times before. But it takes my breath literally away from me. I look down at Miss Caroline and she nods delicately. She closed her golden-hazel eyes. I leaned in close to her and our lips touched. I felt my lungs contract a bit as she breathed in deeply. The feeling of vertigo consumed my mind and blurred my vision. As soon as I parted from her, she smiled and mouthed the words 'Thank you'. I smiled back and placed a cool cloth on her forehead. I watched as her honey-sweet eyes closed softly and her breathing return to normal. I left the room quietly and carefully shut the door. Another night of endless pain to my heart. I lay down on the sofa and sighed. I looked up at the ceiling and slowly drifted off into a bittersweet nightmare, once again. 

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