Tough love

Emily liked writing since she was a little girl.she loved music,dance,acting and drawing.she never did have everything she wanted her mom is an acoholic and there going threw some tough things like the police is after her mom but little did she now she would ever meet one Direction and what happens when one of them falls in love with her will she love him back what happens to her mom will the police find her read to find out!


4. The mall

"Hi im Emily"she looked so familiar but from were well who knows "to the mall " she asked to the mall i said we laughed and talked almost the whole car ride i could tell we were going to be good friends.we got to the mall and bought from almost every store i got some sperrys and jeans even some dresses that i loved. So do you want to meet the guys ?she asked. What guys" you know one direction!well yea but i bet you i will never meet them. Common emily im dating one of the. You are ohhh your louises girlfriend know i know why you looked so familiar"yahh"so you want to go see them?"yesss yesss "ok lets go "we drove for a while until we got to a hotel we went to floor 5 and to door 325 and she nocked and went in ther were 3 boys playing a video game and one running around eating carrots then a boy with just a towel and curly wet hair came out and smiled at me he was the cutest thing ever the boy running with the carrots kissed elenor on the cheek i couldnt belive it was actually one Direction!!!
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