Tough love

Emily liked writing since she was a little girl.she loved music,dance,acting and drawing.she never did have everything she wanted her mom is an acoholic and there going threw some tough things like the police is after her mom but little did she now she would ever meet one Direction and what happens when one of them falls in love with her will she love him back what happens to her mom will the police find her read to find out!


1. My life

"Mom you home" Emily its 12:55am why wouldnt i be home now get me a beer and hurry up you need to pack up for tomarow the plane goes at 6:30am"ok mom. Hi im Emily and im 18 yearsold im happy today because were moving again but this time to england im so happy im going to try to start over with my life i want to stop running away. my mom is an acoholic and she sells drugs ever since then the police been after her and well i guess me too but for im just her cover. Ok guys my first movella i hope yall like it.
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