Tough love

Emily liked writing since she was a little girl.she loved music,dance,acting and drawing.she never did have everything she wanted her mom is an acoholic and there going threw some tough things like the police is after her mom but little did she now she would ever meet one Direction and what happens when one of them falls in love with her will she love him back what happens to her mom will the police find her read to find out!


5. meeting the boys


            Emilys pov.

   they are sooo cute i was just sitting on the couch akwardly while elenor and louis were making out on the other couch and i was just starring into who knows what.Harry came out actually wearing clothes this time with his cute smile and dimples i was just starring at him a little too long cause he said take a picture it will last longer with a smirk on his face i just blushed and turned around while the guys were making fun at harry that he can make me blush' hahaha shes blushing she fancies you harry' niall said and then harry started blushing.hes just soo cute his curly hair with his bright green eyes i think i myte like him but i just met him.


         Harrys pov.

  I went to go get dressed when elenor brought a girl to our hotel she was beautiful her long brown curly hair and her blue eyes shining she was just so cute 'no harry you just met her she probably dosnt feel the same way about you i saw her sitting on the couch when she saw me come in she just starred at me with her beautiful eyes i couldnt control my mouth and all of a sudden i blurted out take a picture it will last longer she just started blushing and turned around then i heard niall say hahaha shes blushing she fancies you harry then my cheeks got hot and i started blushing.i know i have to get her she has too be mine and i will make her mine.


im soooooo sorry i took forever well that didnt help me get any readers well i hope i can get more readers and likes and favorites i just havent had that much time soo sorry well ok forgive me please forgive me my fellow directioners<<33


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