Tough love

Emily liked writing since she was a little girl.she loved music,dance,acting and drawing.she never did have everything she wanted her mom is an acoholic and there going threw some tough things like the police is after her mom but little did she now she would ever meet one Direction and what happens when one of them falls in love with her will she love him back what happens to her mom will the police find her read to find out!


3. Home sweet home

"Emilyy wake up" "whatt" were here now get your butt up." i got up and was exited to land. We had a man waiting for us my moms boyfriend maybe well any ways he took us to a house a pretty big house "is this ours?" "yes Emily this is our new house darling now henry here is my friend he has a daughter about your age and he conviced her to take you to the mall and buy some clothes ok. "ok mom". Know go get ready she will be here any minute." i ran upstairs to get ready what should i wear ummm perfect i decided some light shorts with a t-shirt and my hot pink vans.i decided not to wear make up keep it natural i left my brown curly hair well curly then i heard a nock. Emilyy shes here she was beautiful she was wearing a knee lenghth dress with high heels her hair was curly and brown she looked familiar " Hi im Elenor!"
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