Tough love

Emily liked writing since she was a little girl.she loved music,dance,acting and drawing.she never did have everything she wanted her mom is an acoholic and there going threw some tough things like the police is after her mom but little did she now she would ever meet one Direction and what happens when one of them falls in love with her will she love him back what happens to her mom will the police find her read to find out!


6. fun i guess


          Emilys pov.

I have been at the hotel for about 5 hours just sitting there talking i got to know the boys a little better and they got too know me a little better well my phone started vibrating in my pocket i got it out and it was my mum i didnt want to answer but if i didnt it be like world war lll again soo i answerd it emily border were are you yes my last name is border ummm im with elenor well i wasnt lying i am with elenor right you were supposed to be home an hour ago ' mum you never told me i had to be there a certain time you just said elenor was going to pick me up ' emily dont talk back to me or ill ground you know get home know its getting late know hurry up' ok whatever 'emily your grounded' why ' because you talked back to me know hurry up then she hanged up i could tell she was drunk.who was it all the guys asked and elenor it was my mum i have to go 'oh ok come on ill drive elenor said ok i huged all the boys and said bye and left.   sooo my dads dating your mom elenor asked umm i guess so' cool soo if they get married we would be step sisters nudging my shoulder' yah i guess' and it was silent the rest of the car ride.ok well byethankyou for the ride bye emily.

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