In Love With My Enemy (Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

Paisley Klassen was just a normal 18 year old, that was until she started getting bulied, bullied by Louis Tomlinson, she thinks her best friend Harry knows nothing about his bestfriend Louis bullying her, well think again, Paisley thinks Harry is always there to help her and is just so innocent, but then again.. everyone has their thoughts......


2. Something To Remember

As Louis smirked at me it sent a chill down my spine

he walked over with three other guys

Louis sat next to me....

Niall: these are my friends, this is Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam...

as he introduced me, Louis hugged me and whispered in my ear

Louis: why are you hear, didn't you get hurt enough in high school

he pulled away slowly..

i didnt dare to look at him throughout the hour

a few minutes before we went back to classes i went to the washroom

when i came out Louis was standing there waiting for me

Louis: the other boys left and said i should walk with you to class

i was silent for a while and shook my head no

he grabs my arm and demands he walks with me

he has a tight grip on the way to class

he stops and pushes me up against the wall

i was quiet for awhile...

Paisley: why do you hate me??..

Louis: i dont hate you

Paisley: then why did you hurt me throughout school

Louis: because...

Paisley: tell me!

he pushes me harder against the wall

Louis: i-i- i cant

he drops me to the ground and walks down the hall

i sit down on the floor and start to cry

Paisley; what did i ever do to him


Harry's POV

Louis has shown me pictures of Paisley before, she was beautiful

i wanted her for myself

me and Louis made a deal

Once we got to know paisley better, she was going to be mine, Louis didnt like that idea, Louis wanted to date her

Me, Liam, Zayn, and Niall went to different schools than Louis

But that couldn't stop me from loving her

i dont actually know her, i have only heard of her and seen her a few times around town

I know how Louis hurts her and did it in school

she thinks nobody knows, but i know..


i know because i told him to


i made him do it because i didnt want her to love him, i wanted her to love me

me and the boys are going to invite her to come on a trip with us, a trip to Paris


Louis' POV

Why do i hurrt her, Harry makes me, he threatened me

he said if i didnt hurt her or if i told anyone i would be out of One Direction

I love Paisley...... but Harry makes me do it

When we ask her to come on the trip with us, i'll hang out with her, and i wont hurt her, she has to stay away from Harry, but what can i do?


Paisley's POV

i love Louis, even if he is my bully, i want to know why he hurts me, and this story isnt going untold

harry always looks at me with a smile, then over at Louis with a glare

Something's going on with them...and im gonna find out


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