In Love With My Enemy (Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

Paisley Klassen was just a normal 18 year old, that was until she started getting bulied, bullied by Louis Tomlinson, she thinks her best friend Harry knows nothing about his bestfriend Louis bullying her, well think again, Paisley thinks Harry is always there to help her and is just so innocent, but then again.. everyone has their thoughts......


4. Mixed Emotions

Louis grabbed me and kissed me!

i pulled away


" im sorry, i needed to do it"

"why, Louis!"

" its my last day in One Direction" he said

" what do you mean?" i asked

" you told Harry about how i tried to kiss you"

"i didnt tell Harry anything"

" why not? dont you hate me?" he asked

" i dont hate you" i mumbled

" and what do you mean.. its your last day in One Direction?"

" nothing Paisley"

i stood there quiet till he decided to speak

"im sorry...we should go to your house after and pick up your things because we're leaving in a few hours"

i glanced at him and nodded then walked to my last class

the boys offered to drive me home

Harry was driving and Liam was in the passanger seat

Niall and zayn were in the middle

That leaves me and Louis in the back

He put his arm around my shoulder

I didnt mind it, i did like him...but im dating Harry

When we got to my house Louis walked in with me to get my bags

I walked up to my room and got my bags

when i turned around louis was there, leaning on my door frame

he walked over to me smiling

i dropped my bags as he grabbed my cheek bones and pulled me close to him

i was looking into his eyes and next thing you know we're kissing

i heard someone coming up the stairs

i pulled away fast as Harry opened the door

in my mind i thought ' LOUIS HARRY LOUIS HARRY LOUIS HARRY!!'

but i didnt know who to choose

I finally broke the silence

' Harry! we're ready" i said trying not to be awkward around him

" urm, okay?" he said




i knew something was up

when Paisley went to the car she gave me the key to lock up the house for her

me and Louis were still inside getting her last few bags

when Louis came downstairs with the last bag i walked towards him

i held him against the wall with an angry look in my eyes

" Harry mate, what're you doing" Louis asked

what was i doing? hes my bestfriend, but i didnt think he was such a good friend

we started to yell at each other

' Harry! i didnt do anything with her" he yelled

i was getting so mad because he was lying to me

" YOU'RE LYING LOUIS!!" I yelled back

we started to get physical

i punched him in the stomach

he fell to the ground

he was bleeding from the face

What have i done??

i turned to see someone at the door, standing there looking shocked


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