In Love With My Enemy (Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

Paisley Klassen was just a normal 18 year old, that was until she started getting bulied, bullied by Louis Tomlinson, she thinks her best friend Harry knows nothing about his bestfriend Louis bullying her, well think again, Paisley thinks Harry is always there to help her and is just so innocent, but then again.. everyone has their thoughts......


3. Confused and looking for Answers

The next few weeks were fine, As usual Louis kept whispering rude things to me and giving me dirty looks....but i still want to know why.

Tonight i was hanging out with Harry...he's now like one of my best friends.

he was in my room just talking to me.


"yeah Harry?"


"Harry, tell me!" i demanded.

"okay,, okay..."

i sat beside him as he began to talk.

'see i know we're just friends.. but do you think we could be more than friends..?"

i smiled on the inside but remembered Louis.

I didnt wanna come between him and his best friend.

" sure' i said as i kissed his cheek.

he held my hand and kissed my cheek in return.

"i gotta leave' he said.


'bye lovely" he said making me blush.

he smiled at me as he left.

i sat back and wondered " why am i dating harry if i love Louis, but Louis hurts me, he said he doesnt hate me, I'm so damn confused".

the next day at college i was walking in the hall, i saw Louis turn the corner ahead of me

" what do you want louis??"

he was quiet and still walking towards me

he grabbed both of my arms and pushed me up against the walls

he looked in my eyes, i wasnt scared this time

he wasnt sqeezing my arms

He didnt look like he was going to do anything to me

he started to lean

i liked the idea of us kissing,, but what about Harry?

i moved away fast before our lips touched

"im sorry Louis, im dating Harry"

He looked like he was going to cry

"isnt this what you waited for, a kiss from me?' he asked

i didnt speak, i just ran off with a look on my face




why'd she run? i know she likes me, i can tell by the way she looks at me,, now she was going to tell Harry about me,, this was it... my last day being in 1D


Harry wasn't the same anymore,, ever since Niall introduced Paisley to him,, everything changed

He's no cupcake, sweet, boyish, cute, adorable, and nice Harry........ hes a bully

.......... JUST LIKE ME.........

this is not what i wanted, not what i wished for

i wished for Paisley to be mine, but thats never gonna happen now



Paisley's POV


he tried to kiss me and i pulled away, whats wrong with me, i cant tell Harry.. he'll feak

i was just quiet the rest of the day

Harry came up to me making me jump

"Paisley,, i have a question"

"you can ask me anything" i say as he grabs my hands

"but first i need to ask you something" i say and take a step closer

"what' he asks so innocently

" whats going on with you and Louis" i ask curiously

' well, seee.... its nothing, ill tell you later"

i wondered what it was

" okay.. like i was saying.. how would you like tocome on a trip to Paris with me and the boys?!?"

" Harry, id love to come, but i dont know, i hate airplanes"

" Paisley, youll be alright, as long as you have me.. everything will be alright"

i hugged him and nodded my head

i skipped along to my last class of the day

Everything was going great




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