In Love With My Enemy (Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

Paisley Klassen was just a normal 18 year old, that was until she started getting bulied, bullied by Louis Tomlinson, she thinks her best friend Harry knows nothing about his bestfriend Louis bullying her, well think again, Paisley thinks Harry is always there to help her and is just so innocent, but then again.. everyone has their thoughts......


1. Unexpected

Paisley's POV

It was my first day of college and i knew nobody there

I felt so lost, so alone, just empty inside

I just graduated from High school and i didnt want to come face to face with my bully, not anymore, even if i did love him

I had a sheet of all my classes i need to take, i was on my way to Drama...

"HEY!!!" a Deep Irish voice said

i dropped a few of my books on the floor

"im so sorry .. i didnt mean to, its just tha-" i didnt finish cause he cut me off

'its okay, what class do you have first?"  he questioned

"uhmm... Drama"  i said calmy

" me too!!" he said loudly

"well, you wanna walk together?"

"sure" he accepted kindly

As we walked down the hall we introduced ourselves to one another

" im Paisley "

" im Niall Horan, what're you doing at lunch?"

" idk, i dont know anyone here" i mumbled

" well you can sit with me and my friends, you'll love them" he said excitedly

'okay" i accepted


*after drama*


Niall's POV

man, she was gorgeous.. not gonna lie, her light brown long flowing hair, her personality was just..just..beautiful..

i was worried she would turn me down if i asked her out, but i dont think i should

i cant wait til lunch, oh boy a few more classes to go til lunch, mmmmm food


* lunchtime*


Paisley's POV

he was pretty cute, i have to admit it, he was adorable, i kept thinking about him until i almost walked into a wall

i walked to the canteen and saw him there waving, no one was with him

he ran over to me smiling

Niall: Paisley, you gotta meet my friends now

Paisley: sure lets go-

as he pulls me to a table

we sat there talking for about 10 minutes

Paisley: are you sure they're coming?

Niall: positive, i just texted my friend Louis

that name made me feel alone once again, the kicks, the slaps, and the punches he gave me...

i look around in disbelief, and guess who was smirking at me rudely from the doors....




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