My Brother's Best Friend

Hi I'm Isabelle Paige Styles. That's right Styles. My brother is 19 year old Harry Styles. I'm one year younger than him and (according to him) a good singer. Me and the boys are getting the summer to spend in America, what will happen?


7. The Lake

( credit to The_Cupcake_Hazza ~<3)

Harry wanted to go to the lake, and of course he gets everything he wants. He's spoiled to hell, and no one can tell me different. The lake was rather large, and clear of people. "Louis, you said there was a rope swing here?" Harry asked, almost childishly. "Yeah, just up there. Its tied to the tallest tree." He pointed a tiny hill.

Me, Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn all ran up the hill, while Louis and Eleanor stayed behind. "Alright who goes first?" Niall asked. I had the feeling he meant me. "Little sis, you up for it? The great challenge that will change your life forever?" Harry laughed. I rolled my eyes and grabbed onto the long rope. There were three knots in it, one to low, one to high, and one in the middle. I grabbed the middle one, walked back a little, ran and swung.

I let go when I felt that, that is the farthest it will go. I dropped down into the freezing water. "Oh my god! The water is freezing!" I shivered a bit before getting used to it. Zayn was next, he obviously was taller than me, so he went farther. After he screamed at how cold the water was he swam over near me.

Liam swung next, followed by Niall, and finally Harry. We all just chilled in the one area of the lake, talking about non-important things. After a while we all headed back on shore to take a break. I sat on a tree stump and wrapped myself in a blue towel. "Hey Isabelle, Can I talk to you?" I heard Zayn ask.

I nodded."Yeah sure, what do you need?" He sighed, grabbed my and lead me away from the others. "I'm having...girl trouble." He sighed. Girl trouble? When did Zayn have...girl trouble? "Alright, what kind of advice do you need?" I laughed. "Alright, so the girl I like is dating another guy, and the guy knows that I like her. What do I do?" I thought for a moment. "Let her be. If she's happy, let her be happy. If you like her that much you should let her decide on what to happen."

He rolled his eyes and paced. "I can't! It's not that easy, I changed it, I don't like her. Damn I think I love her."


Niall's P.O.V

I looked at my watch, 4:38 pm. Where was Isabelle and Zayn? They've been gone for quite a while now "Hey Liam, where did Izzy go?" I questioned. "She's with Zayn. I heard he's having girl trouble, he wanted her advice. I think they went that way." he pointed up the hill, where the rope swing was. I walked up the hill, they weren't there. Where the hell could they be? Did they go back to camp?

I walked back the way we came, towards camp. There I found Zayn and Isabelle. "Oh there you are. I've been looking for you." I hugged her. "Oh I was just helping Zayn, giving him advice, that kind of stuff." she smiled. God she is beautiful. "Why do you got to ruin everything?" Zayn glared daggers at me. "What do you mean? What did I do?" Though I guess I already knew that.

I didn't want to like Isabelle, but the heart wants what the heart wants. I tried, for Zayn's sake, but I couldn't help myself. I got greedy, but who doesn't? Zayn laughed, pissed of course, but Isabelle was here, he wouldn't cause a scene. Zayn turned and left. "Well, he must being going through some stuff right now." I stated.

I felt a tug on my sleeve, I looked down into those blue, gorgeous eyes. "What happened? Are you guys fighting?" She asked. I didn't want to lie, but I didn't want to tell the truth either. "No, I don't know what's wrong." 

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