My Brother's Best Friend

Hi I'm Isabelle Paige Styles. That's right Styles. My brother is 19 year old Harry Styles. I'm one year younger than him and (according to him) a good singer. Me and the boys are getting the summer to spend in America, what will happen?


5. The Beach

"Louis can you drive and faster? I mean we're not going to get pulled over or anything." I laughed. "The beach is right there! I think we're okay." He pulled over and literally jumped out of the car and ran towards the salty water. I grabbed my shovels, and my bucket and hopped out of the overly hot car.

"Sooo....Who's going to stay here with me and help me make-" Harry, Eleanor, and Liam were already running into the water. I sighed and sat down on the sand. "Ey, why you looking so gloomy? You can't swim?" Niall asked. "What? No I can swim." I laughed. 'Please don't ask me...' I thought. "Oh then you're scared of the ocean?" He sat down next to me. "Scared of the ocean?! No of course not! That's so stupid!" I laughed.

He gave me the I-don't-believe-you look. "Look, It's okay to-." "Zayn! Come help me with the sand castle!"  I got up and ran to him. "Sand castle? Alright where do you want to make it?" he looked around. I looked for a minute and found a place near the water "Here! You start setting up, I got to talk to Harry." He nodded and did as I told him.

"Harry! Can I talk to you?" I shouted over the waves. He heard me though, because a second later he was on shore. "What is it? Something wrong?" I looked around, making sure no one would be able to hear. "Remember how I told you I'm scared of the ocean? Well yeah, that still applies! What do I do? If I don't go in the water people are going to know!"

"Izzy, just tell them! I'm sure they wont laugh. Like Zayn can't swim!" He shouted the last part. I sighed. I didn't really want to tell anyone, but I wasn't going into the ocean either. I mean there's sharks in there! I walked back to Zayn and Niall. "Niall said he wanted to help, that's okay right?" Zayn asked. I nodded yes and sighed.

"What's the matter Iz?" Niall asked. "I got to tell you guys something, but don't laugh!" They both nodded. "I'm...scared of the ocean." I rushed. I looked up at their faces, Niall looked confused, while on the other hand Zayn was holding back a laugh. Though it didn't work because a second later he was laughing uncontrollably.

I was angry, really angry, so I stomped off. "Nice going!" I heard Niall yell. My angered stomp turned into a jog, then a sprint. I sprinted towards the bathroom, embarrassed. I locked myself in the bathroom and regretted even telling them. I heard a soft knock on the door "Isabelle?" Niall.

"Please, just go away...I want to be alone." I sighed. "At least give me a chance? Maybe I can make it better?" I thought for a minute, but hesitantly opened the door. "Alright, we're making progress! Now how about a smile?" He laughed. I didn't want to smile though. I wanted to be mad, mad at Zayn for laughing.

"Aww come on! If you smile, later me and you can pants Zayn. That would be funny to see right?" To my surprise, I smiled, but tried to hide it. "Eh! I saw that!" He grabbed my chin and made me look at him. "Let's see it again, shall we?" I couldn't help myself, I smiled. Niall stared at me for a moment, then leaned down...and kissed me.



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