My Brother's Best Friend

Hi I'm Isabelle Paige Styles. That's right Styles. My brother is 19 year old Harry Styles. I'm one year younger than him and (according to him) a good singer. Me and the boys are getting the summer to spend in America, what will happen?


8. Singing by the Fire
I yawned, who knew ghost stories would be this lame? "...And as the one armed man approached, the girl let out a horrible bloody scream!" Harry failed at making stories scary, he was too much like a cupcake! "Alright well this is boring!" I sighed. Harry just pouted for me cutting him off from his 'ghost' story.
"I got an idea, Izzy go get your guitar. We'll sing something,is that alright with you?"Niall smiled. I nodded and ran to my text, and grabbed my guitar, almost falling on the way back. Niall also had his guitar, waiting for me to get back. "Alright, do you know how to do bass for Jar of Hearts?" He asked. I thought for a moment and started playing what I thought it was. "Yeah, alright that's it. Now just keep doing that and everyone else sing alright?"
Everything was good, Niall and I stayed together through the whole song and everyone sang, even Eleanor. It felt good, having friends with you, smiling and having a good time. But all things don't last forever right?
"So who's on stick duty? Fire's getting low." I asked. Louis had screamed not it, Liam was already in bed, Harry complained when I asked him, and Eleanor, well Louis wouldn't let me ask her. "I'll go with you." Zayn said while zipping up his sweatshirt. "Yeah me too." Niall smiled.
Zayn glared at him "Two is enough, you can go next time. Come on Isabelle." Before I had time to protest, I was being pulled into the forest. Zayn and I searched around for a while, gathering sticks here and there. "Why did you do that? Why couldn't Niall come too?" I asked him. He sighed "I told you..two is enough."
"He just wanted to help! And what's your problem with him? What did do to you?" I felt upset that my boyfriend and one of my closest friends were fighting. "What did he do? What did he do?! He took you! He knew that I love you, and goes and kisses you anyways! I'm sorry for laughing at the beach, but he took you away from me!"
My heart rate quickened when he said he loved me. I didn't say a word, I had nothing to say. Zayn loved me...and Niall was dating me.
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