My Brother's Best Friend

Hi I'm Isabelle Paige Styles. That's right Styles. My brother is 19 year old Harry Styles. I'm one year younger than him and (according to him) a good singer. Me and the boys are getting the summer to spend in America, what will happen?


2. Me, My Guitar, and Zayn

Today was our day off, We would start sightseeing tomorrow.

I decided I would just play my guitar today, maybe write a song. I grabbed my case out from under the bed and unzipped it, revealing my beautiful white guitar. "Jeez its been too long, hasn't it?" I smiled, sat on my bed, and positioned myself. I made one long strum first, then started to play Godspeed by Dixie Chicks.

I even got so into it I started singing along, not even noticing Zayn standing in the doorway. "You sound beautiful." He smiled. I blushed "Hey! Don't be sneaking up on people! What if I like died of a heart attack?" He chuckled "I would have to save you wouldn't I?" He sat next to me. It was quiet for a moment "Well don't let me stop you! Keep going!"

I looked at him for a minute and smiled "Alright, Alright, just don't laugh!" I thought for a moment on what to play. I started to play Stereo Hearts, smiling and singing. I could feel Zayn's eyes on me. I stopped and looked at him "What? Am I that bad?" I laughed. He smiled "No, not at all...Uhm Isabelle can I tell you something?" I was a little confused but I nodded yes. "Alright well here goes nothing... I just wanted to say that-" he was cut off.

"Hey Zayn! Can I talk to you?" Harry asked. "Right now?" he sighed. "Yes now!" Harry grabbed his collar and pulled him out of the room. "Bye then..?" I laughed. 'I wonder what Harry needed. He usually talks to me if something's wrong.' I shrugged it off and took out my phone. I tweeted 'Hey guys! I'm in New York City! Maybe if you're lucky you'll see us! :)'

I honestly couldn't wait to travel all over America.


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