My Brother's Best Friend

Hi I'm Isabelle Paige Styles. That's right Styles. My brother is 19 year old Harry Styles. I'm one year younger than him and (according to him) a good singer. Me and the boys are getting the summer to spend in America, what will happen?


9. Disney

It was Liam's turn to pick a place, and of course he picked Walt Disney World. We were staying there for a week, and then it would my turn to pick a place. I dont really know where I want to go. Its also been a week and a half sense Zayn confessed and.. never mind, I've been avoiding him best I can.

"I say we go to Magic Kingdom first!" Louis said pulling out a map. "No Downtown Disney!" Niall said, well of course thats where all the dinner's are. "How about Hollywood Studio's? It's fun there." I said while stretching. Everyone stared at me for a moment, then agreed. 

We had taken the bus to Hollywood Studios, and ended up getting food before anything else. We got ice cream pops, I got the one that looks like Mickey Mouse, and it was...messy. "Need a napkin, love?" Niall laughed. I pouted and wiped my face "Ice cream is messy! It's not my fault!" He just laughed and hugged me. "You're so cute."


Niall held my hand as we buckled into the 'elevator seat'. "Why did I let you convince me to go on this ride..." I sighed. The Tower of Terror had to be the worst, and scariest ride in Disney, and somehow Niall convinced me to go. "It's alright love, I'm here." He chuckled. I sat between Niall...and Zayn. The boys just HAD to sit behind us, leaving only that seat for him. 

I squeezed Niall's hand when the ride started moving, I was scared as hell. When the ride started going up, and then dropping, I screamed like crazy. I nearly squeezed the life out of poor Niall. He laughed and kissed my forehead as soon as a flash came, and the ride was over.

We all got out, and walked through the gift shop to see our pictures. Harry is screaming, Louis is holding Eleanor and laughing, Liam is doing duck lips and peace signs, Zayn is raising his hands and screaming, and then there's me and Niall, with him kissing my forehead.

"Aww!" Eleanor cooed. I blushed and smiled as everyone made little jokes like 'Where's the ring?' and 'So you guys getting married?'. "Whatever." Zayn grunted and walked off. How long will this last?


It started to get dark, so we headed back to the hotel. I walked up to room 304, unlocked it and walked in. Niall close behind me, i didnt bother changing, I just took off my shoes and crawled into bed. Niall took of his shoes and his shirt and slid in next to me, wrapping his arms around me. "Night love."

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