One Summer Love

When 1d goes solo,they each meet a girl, but they are still 'best buds'.Each boy has their own story.Read on to see what happens!<3 Hayley


1. The Split Up

Harry's P.O.V
"Boys..." Paul starts"Are you guys positive you are splitting up?" Crystal clear tears start streaming down his rather flat cheeks." I won't have anyone to manage!" "Yes Paul" I state sadly. I was not the 1 who wanted to split up. Just Zayn. Every one just breaks down then and there. Including Zayn."I'll miss you guys" I cry into Louis's shoulder."I'm just not the same without you guys. Dear Louis!You are my best friend! Zayn! You are the best at comforting me when I'm down. Liam! You is the one and only...Daddy Direction! And finnally you Niall. Nobody is as close to you than I have. You were always there for me! So...thanks to everybody." After my speech was a really long ackward silence. Liam finally broke it when he said" Let's get on the road, yeah?" We noded and borded our train. "See you around Paul" I said hugging him. Now back to the train.....

A/N:sorry my first novel take it easy on me ok? I'm 10 and in 4 grade.10!!
Love Always,
Hayley: )
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