Sparks Flying

This story is about 17 year old Claire Williams. She is living an average high school seniors life, and she wouldn't change it for the world. One lucky day she gets picked to spend a summer with the man of her dreams, Justin Bieber. Will this be a summer to remember, or a time to forget?


10. TCA's

Lights are flashing everywhere, and people are shouting our names. We stroll down the carpet stopping whenever we can to take a picture. I had to admit, this was pretty fun. Justin had an arm slung around my waist. A very beautiful brunette approached us and we stopped to chat with her.
"So Justin, could you tell us how you're feeling tonight?" She asked.
"Well, I'm feeling really great right now. Since I'm getting a lot of support from my Beliebers and my loved ones." He says, squeezing me tighter when he said 'loved ones'.
I smile and look up at her, "And you Claire, how are you feeling?" 
I gulp, "Well I'm really excited, it's great to see everyone coming together and celebrating their success." I chime.
She nods, "Well guys there you have it, I hope you have a wonderful time tonight. Thank you." She adds.
We walk off and reach the doors to the arena, "That wasn't so bad was it?" He asked, as we took our seats.
"I guess not, it was cool." I say.
He chuckled and looked up at the stage. Good thing we got first row, it was going to be a great show. 
"I'm opening up the show so just stay right here, I have to go backstage and change. I'll text you when to come." He says.
I nod, "Alright."
I pull out my phone as he gets up and walks to the back. I look around to see many celebrities arriving. Taylor Swift, Miley, Demi, and not to my surprise Selena. I didn't have anything against her, I just I think they way she came onto Justin when I got here was pretty rude. But it's none of my business so I don't have the right to say anything. I look through my phone and see a bunch of tweets.
 "@BelieberUpdate_: Justin and Claire tonight at the TCA's."
"@JustinBiebur___: Oh my god can they get any more perf I just can't deal!"
"@BieberFevurrrrr: Can she not -_-"
I laugh by myself at these tweets and then I feel a tap on my shoulder, I look behind me to find Fredo. I smile and greet him while he sits down next to me.
"Hey Lei, how's your summer been so far?" He asks.
"Great, Justin's the best." I say.
He laughs, "I can tell, you guys are all over the tabloids!"
I half smile and nod, "Yeah, I know."
"But listen, I'm here to tell you something important, but you can't tell anyone this alright?" He said.
"Yeah sure, tell me."
"Well Selena hasn't been happy about how close you've been getting and tonight she's going to be singing her new song. You know that come and get it one?" He paused and I nod, "Well yeah and word on the street is, she's gonna be dissing you guys in the song. So IF she does, then shrug it off and don't worry about it. She's just trying to get his attention okay?"
"O-okay, fine." I say, nervous.
"You're a good kid Claire, see you at the after party." He said, getting up.
"Yeah, see you too." I practically mumble.
My phone buzzes a couple minutes later and I see that its a message.
Justin <3: U can come backstage now,
I get up and fix my dress, I walk by the entire front row and make my way backstage. They let me in immediately. I see that Justin is at the tip of the stairs that lead up to the stage from the back. I go up to him and smile.
"Hey you." I say.
He turns around and laughs, "Hey," He ruffles his hair and takes a deep breath.
"You nervous Bieber?" I ask, trying to hold in my laughter.
He nods quickly, "Yeah, I always am. But I get over it as soon as I get up there."
"Oh, I see. What song are you singing?" I ask him.
"What song do you think?" He questions me, smirking.
"Well I have a good feeling you're gonna sing Take You." I say, folding my arms.
"And I have a good feeling that you're right. Good guess Williams." He says, nudging me.
"Justin, you're on in 5." A man said, adjusting his belt.
Justin nods, and looks at me. I give him a tight hug.
"Good luck." I say, as he holds me.
"Thanks," He says quietly, we both lean in a bit but we're separated by someone calling Justin to head out.
We both laugh and he walks off, I sigh and walk over to where everyone backstage was watching. He looked great, everything was going perfect. I was bobbing my head along to the music and mouthing the words. Everyone was cheering him on, and the music was booming through the entire arena. I loved watching him perform, since he was so amazing at it. Once the performance was over and everyone gave him a standing ovation he came backstage. I stood right at the same place he left me and look at the smile on his face. I embrace him in a big hug.
"You did amazing out there." I say in his ear.
I can feel him chuckle as he pulls back and looks at me, "Thanks, maybe because you're my good luck charm." He said.
My stomach turns and I can feel my cheeks flush, I can't help but laugh. He leads me to his dressing room and get's ready to come back outside. Wow, these dressing rooms have everything, bathrooms with showers, refrigerators, mirrors, all you can imagine.
"You've never been in a dressing room before?" Justin asks, drying himself off from his shower and slipping his clothes on.
I sit down in his chair, "Nah, this rooms pretty cool though." I say.
He chuckled, "I think it's so cute how you act when you see something new."
My stomach is doing cartwheels and the nervous laugh is kicking in, "Why, thank you." I say.
He chuckles and finishes up his hair. He slips his phone in his pocket and I get up, we are escorted back to our seats. The arena was full, I couldn't make out any faces. We sit through the first part of the awards ceremony. They give out awards like Best Love Song, Best Pop Single, and more. When they stopped for the commercial break, everyone got up and started moving and went everywhere. It was completely insane. We stayed in our seats though, since we didn't want to get caught up in the drama.
"Wow this is crazy, eh?" He asks.
I nod quickly, "Yeah it totally is. Do you have the program though?" I ask.
"Yeah, here take it." He said, handing it to me.
I flick it open quick and see that Selena's performance is after the break. I can't lie, I'm totally nervous. I look up at the stage and the screens are telling everyone to sit down because we're starting soon. I gulp and lay back in my chair.
Demi walks onto stage and begins to speak, "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to the 2013 Teen Choice Awards. Right now we're going to give you an amazing performance by somebody who knows how to 'Come and get it'! Everybody, Selena Gomez!" 
The music begins and the lights fade out. Justin's hand finds its way to my thigh, but I don't mind it. The spotlight is on her and her dancers, I had to admit she looked amazing in her outfit. She's always doing this belly dance type thing, but it ends up looking nice anyways. Once she gets to the  second chorus she's already walking around dancing with the crowd, scanning the entire front row. She walks right up to us and starts to sing.

This love, will be the death of me, But I know I'll die happily.
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know.

She sings looking right into Justin eyes, glaring at me occasionally. Every bodies jaw drops as she serenades him in front of the whole arena. I can't help but look away and pretend it's not happening. She walks off to stage and finishes her song with a strong pose. Everyone cheers her on loud as always, and keeps looking towards us. I sigh and tap my foot in frustration.
"That was pretty rude wasn't it?" Justin asks me.
I nod, "Yeah, especially since it was on national TV." 
"Well, prepare yourself to be everywhere in the news. This is going everywhere, sadly." He said.
I frown, "Yeah I know. I hope she's happy since what she already got what she wanted, attention."
We continue on the night without a care in the world, we actually laughed it off. But now the time we have all been waiting for, artist of the year. Justin squeezes my thigh as they are about to announce.
"And the Artist of the Year is...."They open the envelope, "Justin Bieber!"
The crowd goes wild and Justin and I stand up and hug each other. Everyone's clapping and screaming while he goes up to the stage and looks out at us.
"Wow, thank you guys. I wouldn't have been able to do this without my friends, family, loved ones." He looks at me when he says 'loved ones', "And most importantly, my Beliebers. You guys are all amazing, thanks!" He said, walking off of the stage.
He sits down and I look at the surfboard he just received, it was pretty cool. Now that the show was over a lot of people were flooding out to head to the after party at this disclosed location. Justin grabbed my hand, and led me to the car without letting me go. It was a huge crowd and it took us a while to make it out but we did it. We hop into the car out of breath and sit back in our chairs.
"That was a good show actually, best one I've seen." I say, breaking the silence.
"It was wasn't it?" Martin adds, "I thought your performance was great Justin."
"Thanks Martin, you're the best." Justin says.
He smiles and nods, "After party?" He asks.
"Yeah, please." 
Martin turns the vehicle on and proceeds to drive us to the party.
"You ready to party?" Justin asks me, excited.
"Totally!" I lie, "Can't wait." Yes I can.
We continue the rest of the ride in silence, Justin scrolling through feeds on his phone and me looking out the window. Once we come to a halt we're at this club, where there are bunch of people in line trying to get in. We quickly hop out of the car and ignore paparazzi. We are immediately let in and the club is booming. So many celebrities inside, and the lights are flashing. The music is loud and everyone's enjoying themselves. We are brought to a booth with Fredo and Ryan sitting there. They see us and their faces brighten up.
"Hey young ones!" Ryan says, scooting over so we can sit down.
"What's up Ryan?" Justin asked.
"Nothing, but this place is packed isn't it? Lot's of people here." He said.
"Yeah, biggest names at the moment are in this room. But congrats on the award Justin." Fredo adds in.
"Thanks guys, couldn't have done it without you both." Justin said, fist bumping them.
They both nod, and Ryan checks his phone. "Well guys we need to go, have a good night stay safe!" He says.
We roll our eyes, "Night guys" I say.
They get up and head out, I look around the place to see everyone piling in.
"Do you want anything? I can get you some water or something?" Justin offers.
"Sure, water would fine. Please." I say, giving him a smile.
He nods and gets up, "Stay here." He commands.
As he walks off I pull my phone out and, as always, open up twitter.
@BelieveAcoustic_: That diss omg!
@Selenator01: Claire deserved it, that little skank.
@JustinnnnDrewx: Claire over Selena any day. Look at the way Justin looks at her!
I laugh and close the app, I open up Instagram to see thousands of notifications, new followers, tags in photos, likes, and much more. This fandom was incredible, they were super nice to me. As I sat here I open up the camera and take a quick selfie and then caption it. 'While waiting for @justinbieber to come back. He's slow :(' 
"You think you're pretty don't you?" A familiar voice says behind me.
I turn around to see Selena standing over me, arms folded and eyes glued onto me.

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