Sparks Flying

This story is about 17 year old Claire Williams. She is living an average high school seniors life, and she wouldn't change it for the world. One lucky day she gets picked to spend a summer with the man of her dreams, Justin Bieber. Will this be a summer to remember, or a time to forget?


8. Shopping!

                       It's been a week since we went to the pool, and I was having a wonderful time. Justin was really down to earth, and we would always hang out in the house. I've even gone to the studio with him, trust me he's amazing in there. We've taken a lot of pictures too, I mean who wouldn't? I was getting ready since we were going out to the store to buy my dress today. I pulled on some shorts, my black Obey t shirt, and my black vans. I leave my hair out naturally and walk downstairs into the living room. I sit down on the couch and turn on the TV to Wipeout. I started to watch it while I was waiting for when Justin said it was time to get ready. I pulled out my phone, and started to read some magazines that I had subscribed to. My eyes came across an article, with a picture of Selena and Justin, then a picture of me and Justin next to it. I quickly tapped on the article reading it.
                 "Pop star sensation Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have just gotten out of their once perfect relationship! Days later we spotted the boy with a new girl in his arms. Her name supposed to be Claire Williams. Is Justin becoming the womanizer we all expected him to become? Or is he just going through a rough time with his love? Sources tell us that Claire was the winner of Tiger Beats 'Summer with Justin' contest, and that they were getting along really well together when she'd arrived. Doing things such as going out to dinner, shopping, doing twitcams, and going to the pool. Who knows what will happen when the two stars are under the same roof at next weeks Teen Choice Awards! Tune in next week for more coverage on this story, you'll never miss a thing!"               

                        I hear Justin coming down the stairs so I quickly exit out of the app and put my phone in my back pocket. He comes over to me and sits down right next to me on the couch.
                 "Good morning." He said, as he put his arm around me.
                 I got up and out of his grip as I walked into the kitchen, "Hey."
                 I can't fall for Justin, I'm not going to. I can't get him all of this bad publicity. I don't want to be the reason that he is all over the tabloids for being a womanizer.
                 I grab a granola bar, and sit on the other side of the couch, "You ready to go?" He asked.
                "Yeah, whenever you wanna go I'm here." I said, half smiling.
                 He got up and signaled me to follow him. We got into his car and he smiled. I tried to avoid making eye contact. I slipped my headphones into my ears and played Pandora. I looked out of the window the entire car ride. After bout that seemed like forever we stopped in front of this little secluded boutique. I take my headphones out and put my phone away as he walked in.
                "Welcome, welcome. Is there anything I could help you guys with today?" A woman asked us.
                Before I could open my mouth, Justin talked. "Yeah, we're here to find her a dress for the awards show next week." He said to her.
                She pulls me over to some elegant dressed, I instantly spotted a long red one that I liked. I went over to it and grabbed it out of the selection. 
                "I like this one." I said, smiling at the dress.
                Justin comes over and looks at the dress, "Yeah so do I, how about you go try it on."
                I nod and walk into the dressing room, I slip the dress on and walk outside. Justin's eyes instantly widen.
               "Turn around for me." He said.
               I did as he said and he nodded, looking at me smiling, "That was easy, we have the one."
               I nodded, "Yeah, let me change so I can go pay for it hold on."
               "You're not paying for that! Yeah right. Let's just call this an early birthday present." He said.
               "No, no, and no. I'm not letting you pay for this Justin." I said, crossing my arms.
               He shrugged and nodded, "Alright."
               I walk into the dressing room and take the dress off. I hear Justin knock.
              "Hey, let me hold that for you while you're changing." He said from the other side.
              "Kay." I said as I handed it to him with the hook.
              I start to sing while I get ready, I redo my hair while I'm in there and I take a picture as well.
              I go onto instagram and post it.
              "@ClaireWilliams: Out shopping with the biebs." 
              I walk out satisfied and look over to find Justin, holding a bag which had the dress in it. I walk over to him and sigh, giving him a dirty look.
              "I knew you'd fall for it." He said.
              I shook my head and walked out with him. We went into his car and I stayed silent the whole ride.
             "Okay, no we have to get me fitted for my tux. I want you to go because I want your opinion." He said smiling.
             I half smile, "Fine, but you better get something that compliments my dress." I say as we pull into the parking lot of a store.
            He laughed and we got out, he held the door for me when we walked in. He winked when I walked by and into the store, I just laughed so I wouldn't say anything stupid.
            "Hello guys, is there anything I could help you with?" He asked.
            "Yeah, we're here to get a tux for my friend Justin. It's for this awards show so we're looking for something very elegant." I said smiling. 
            "Sure, follow me." He said as I gave Justin a smirk.
            I laid my eyes on a black tux with a bow tie, and another black one with a red tie. I handed them both to Justin and patted his back.
            "How about you go try these on?" I asked him.
            He laughed, "Sure thing." 
            I sat on a bench outside of the dressing rooms waiting for him. He came out with the tux with the red tie.
            He shook his head, "Makes me look short." He said.
            I laughed, "True that." 
            He turned back and quickly changed into the other tux, he came out smiling and I gasped. He looked stunning, I mean I've seen him dressed like that before but only on TV. I nodded and clapped.
            "Well well, for once I my taste is actually good." I said while I checked him out.
            He winked, "Don't stare, you're making me feel weird!" He said.
            I laughed, "You're too much. But go change we need to go get our shoes." I said.
            He sprints back into his dressing room and changed in no time, he grabbed the tux that he liked and we rented it. We went into the car and drove to the next store in silence. I don't know why we didn't talk, we just didn't. I don't mind though I mean, he looked adorable when he was concentrated on the road.
            "Alright, last stop shoes. We'll make it home by 8 if we hurry so that we can watch that movie we wanted to see." He said.
            I nodded and we walked into the store, surprisingly it was all empty so we went to different sides of the place to find shoes. My eyes landed on some shiny black stilettos that were laying on display. I looked for my size. 8, no. 3, no. 9, no. 5, there we go! I grabbed them and slipped them onto my feet, standing up quick. I managed to dominate them and walk swiftly across the aisle. I look at them in the mirror and nod. I put them back in the box and slip my Toms on. I grab the box and walk over to the mens section to find Justin. He had just gotten up from the stool with some black oxfords in his hands. I nodded and showed him my shoes. He smiled and we both went to the register. I convinced Justin to let me pay for myself. When we were done we went to McDonalds for a quick food run and we went to the house, we ran up the stairs and plopped onto his couch. We turned on the TV and saw that Scary Movie 5 was playing.
           "Finally I've been wanting to see this!" He said as the movie starts.
           I smile and look back at the TV, taking some of my fries. After a while I felt myself drifting off. I laid my head on one of the pillows Justin had and I drifted to sleep.
             Justin's P.O.V.
             When the movie was over I looked over to Claire. Who was dead asleep. I held in the laughter as I took out my phone, I snapped a shot of her and went straight to twitter.
              "@justinbieber: aw look at who knocked on me during the movie :)"
               I lock my phone and slowly stand up, I grab Claire bridal style and slowly walk her over to her room. I lay her on her bed and pull the covers over her.
               "Night Claire," I say, as I walk out.

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