Sparks Flying

This story is about 17 year old Claire Williams. She is living an average high school seniors life, and she wouldn't change it for the world. One lucky day she gets picked to spend a summer with the man of her dreams, Justin Bieber. Will this be a summer to remember, or a time to forget?


4. Settling In.

                I take a deep breath and walk over to him. I smile and one of the security guards stops me from being able to get to him.

               "Sorry, no time for fans." He says.

               "But- I'm Claire?" I say confused.

               "Yeah right, we've had like 4 other girls come up to us and say the same thing." He says chuckling.

               I roll my eyes and search through my bag for the letter I got that told me I won. I pulled it out and handed it to him. Justin was too busy on his phone to look at what was happening. The 2 bodyguards read over the letter and asked me to repeat the address. I did and finally they stepped aside. One of them tapped Justin on the shoulder causing him to look forward instantly. His eyes widened and he winked.

               "Hey Claire, I'm Justin." He says pulling me in for a hug.

               "Nice to meet you." I say blushing.

               "Same here, you look great by the way." He says, scanning me.

               "You don't look bad yourself, Bieber." I say laughing.

               He raised an eyebrow, "Bieber?"

               "You don't have a problem with me calling you that right?" I smiled.

               "Nope not at all, call me what you want." He says smiling.

               I laugh as he pulls me out to the baggage claim, the security guards following us closely. We got to the baggage claim and I looked around for my bag. I go and struggle grabbing it, I try but it just ends up dragging me. Justin runs up and grabs it quickly, laughing at me.

               "How about I carry this and your bag to the car?" He says.

               I smile and look at him, "You wanna carry around my purse? Really?"

               "Yeah. You look tired from your flight." He says smiling while taking my bag.

                As we got out of the baggage claim the exit to the terminal was crowded in fans and paparazzi. There were roars of screaming and lots of camera flashes. The girls were throwing themselves all over the place, crying, and saying a lot of rude stuff. I ignored it though and just followed Justin. After we made it out we ran into the van and sat in the back seat. He sighs and then looks at me starting to smile.

                "So, what did you wanna do in LA? Since I know Michigan isn't a lot like here." He says as we start to pull out.

               "Well I honestly don't really care. The fact that I'm here is just great y'know." I say smirking.

               He laughs and pulls out his phone. "How about um, Dinner tonight and hanging out by the pool tomorrow?" He says looking up eagerly.

               I nod, "Sure! That sounds fun."

               "Great, I'll make our reservations right now and we can go there at around 8?" He asks.

               "Alright, that's nice."

               "I can finally get to know you better, you seem great." He says eagerly.

               "So do you," I say smiling.

               He smiles and leans back in his chair, it isn't long until we get to his house and he unloads the trunk and grabs my things.

               I look up in shock, "This is your house?" I ask.

               He nods, "Yep 4 years of hard work all put into this one house." He says as we head up the stairs inside.

               The house is amazing, it's beautifully arranged and has a massive amount of space. I look at him and he signals me to go upstairs. We walk up until we reach a long hallway with all of the bedrooms. He opens up to a neatly arranged, spacious room. I walk in and grab my bags from Justin. He plops down on the edge of the bed while I sit in a lounging chair.

               "Is this good enough? Because I can give you a bigger room." He says.

               I raise my eyebrows, "No no, this is fine. Trust me it's perfect." I say smiling.

               "I'm glad you like it, you're gonna be spending 2 months in here so might as well like it." He says smiling.

               I nod and he stands up. Before walking through the door he turns around.

               "Be ready in 2 hours, I'm gonna take you for a stroll of Hollywood. Then we'll go to dinner." He says looking at me.

               I nod and smirk, "Oh alright, I'll just unpack and hop into the shower then get ready. I'll only be an hour and a half."

               "Alright, see you then. Call me if anything." He says.

               I quickly grab my things and start unpacking everything neatly. I finish in about half an hour. I pulled out an outfit while I was putting my clothing away. I got some brown oxfords, black leggings, and a pink button up oxford shirt. I lay it out on my bed and go over to grab a towel from my suitcase. I go into the bathroom that was located at the far end of my room and undress. I slip into the shower being cautious that I don't wet my hair. I stay in there for half an hour then get out drying myself off quickly. I get dressed and ready then let my hair loose. I straighten it a bit so it can look alright when I go out. I grab my bag and look at the time. Done with 10 minutes to spare, I smile and put some perfume done. When I finish I place my phone in my bag and walk downstairs closing my door behind me. I can see that Justin's ready and he's just sitting on the couch. I sit down on the other end and he looks at me.

                "Well, I didn't know you got even prettier." He says.

                I try not to blush but I fail, I can feel myself turn red. "Why thank you, I can say the same about yourself. I never knew you got cuter."

                He laughs and gets up, grabbing my hand and leading me to the car. He stops at the door when he gets a phone call.

               "Oh Sel hey. Um no I can't right now, I'm doing something alright. No I wont, okay. Alright I won't forget. Okay, mhm. See you after, Love you. Bye." He says.

               I fake a smile and head into the car. Justin sighed and shook his head.

               "Where to Justin?" His driver said.

               "To the park Martin." He says smiling at me.

               I return the smile and look out of the window, I stay a bit distant the whole car ride since we were going to talk more at dinner. As soon as we got into the park, Martin looked outside then back at us.

               "Be careful guys, Pap's are everywhere." He warns.

               Justin shrugs and grabs me as we get out of the car. We both brush ourselves off. As we set off into the park we could already feel the stares, we could already hear the snapping of the camera, and the squeals of the fans.

               "How do you deal with this all the time? You know being a teen sensation and all." I ask.

               He laughs, shrugging. "You just have to get used to it you know, but you'll be fine trust me."

               I sigh as we start walking through the fields of the park. We had a bunch of laughs since we were telling jokes the entire time. We stopped at the start of what seemed to be a little hill. Justin starts to walk up while I trail along behind. We get to the top not shortly after and sit on some rocks at the edge of the hill.

               "This is where I go to enjoy the view and get away from everyone, I thought I'd show you since we'll be hanging out here a lot while you stay." He says looking off to the city.

               "This is actually pretty cool Bieber, there's not a lot of places like these where you can just go and be alone in Michigan. Everyone is terrible over there." I say laughing, while looking at the ground.

               He looks over at me, "Yeah there's a lot of people like those everywhere. I remember when I went back to visit my family in Ontario. Lot's of haters, a lot of annoying people. Just gotta deal with them you know. They never go away."

               I smirk, "I just don't know how you do it. So many girls on you but when they meet you it's like they go insane. Then others that are just jealous."

               "Yeah, you're the first that hasn't been such an insane lunatic when they met me. It's nice to just talk to a girl after a while. Even though we just met I needed to get away like this you know?" He says.

               "I get you. It's nice to meet someone new too, I don't really like talking to people so this is a first."

               "Seriously? I expected a girl as um, well beautiful as you to be the center of attention back home." He says looking at me.

               "Really? Yeah right. I've been the outcast for my entire life." I admit.

               "Well not this summer, you'll be my center of attention." He smirks.

               I smile and look at him, I guess this summer won't be bad at all. We stayed there in silence looking out to the park until the sound of a paparazzi sneaking a picture of us came to our ears.

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