Sparks Flying

This story is about 17 year old Claire Williams. She is living an average high school seniors life, and she wouldn't change it for the world. One lucky day she gets picked to spend a summer with the man of her dreams, Justin Bieber. Will this be a summer to remember, or a time to forget?


7. Poolside.

                    "Hey, rise and shine." I hear a voice say.
                    I opened my eyes to reveal Justin, still in his pajamas, smiling down at me as I woke up.
                    I chuckled, "What are you doing here?" I ask, sitting up.
                    He sits down besides me, "Oh, just waking you up. It's 10 and I thought you were going to oversleep." He said, looking as if he just woke up.
                   I sigh and pull the covers over my head, "This bed is so comfortable though."
                   I heard him laugh, then pull down the covers so that we made eye contact, "Yeah, I made sure it was nice." 
                   I smile and get up, "Want to help me pick something out?" I asked him.
                   He stood up, and nodded. "Shirts are in top drawer, shorts are in middle drawer." I say as I grab my towel and redo my high bun.
                  He looked through my stuff while I watched him, amused. He caught me staring and I looked away quick, then he laughed. He finally stood up and handed me some ripped jean shorts, and a white crop top that said LA in big letters on it. I smiled and looked through my bathing suit, he stood next to me.
                  "I really like this one," He said, pulling out a pink 2 piece bikini. 
                  I smiled and took the clothes and bikini he picked, "Alright, then I'll wear this."
                  I head to my bathroom, "I think it's a good idea if you get ready while I am." I said, causing him to stand up quick.
                  "Yeah, I'll head over and shower." Was the last thing I heard when I shut and locked the door.
                  I slipped out of my clothes and into the shower, I showered for a while until I finally remembered Justin might have been waiting for me. I hop out and dry myself off. I slip on my bikini and start putting a lot of lotion on. When I was done I put on the clothes he had given me and some red flip flops. I braided my hair into a side braid and I sprayed some perfume on. I looked at myself satisfied in the mirror and walked out. I took some gum and chewed it as I put my towel away. I slipped my Ray Bans on but slid them up so that the glasses would act as a headband while we were inside. I grab my bag and my phone and head out of my door. I walk down the hall and go to Justin's room, knocking on the door.
                  "It's open!" He yelled from the other side.
                  I walked in to find him in some Pink Dolphin swimming trunks, and shirtless. He was drying off his hair as some water dripped down the side of his neck.
                  "You like the view?" He said winking at me.
                   I laughed and shook my head, I signaled to my outfit and he smiled brightly.
                  "What do you think?" I asked.
                  "I knew it would look good on you," He said as he slipped a white T shirt on and put some flip flops on as well.
                  He grabbed his phone and his wallet and we headed out downstairs, I went to the kitchen and put my phone and bag on the table. I pulled out some bread, butter, and eggs. 
                  "I'll make breakfast that we can eat before we head out." I said, as he sat at the counter.
                  "Need any help?" He asked,
                  "No thanks," I said smiling.
                  He shrugged and I turned around to put the bread in the toaster, I crack the eggs open and make them scrambled, since it was the fastest way. I got out 2 plates and 2 cups and pour orange juice in each one.  I set each of us some toast with butter and scrambled eggs. I hand one plate to Justin and one plate for myself. I sit down next to him and we start to eat.
                 "This is good," He said, as he stuffed his mouth.
                  I laughed and blushed. "I try my best." I say as I take a bite out of my toast.
                 We finish a while after and Justin does the dishes, I take a sneaky picture of him and post it onto twitter.
                 "@iSmangedNay: aw @justinbieber putting in work before we head out to the pool, what a doll :)"
                 I instantly got a bunch of retweets and replies. The fans were all so funny, I couldn't help but laugh. Justin looked over to me when he was done, raising an eyebrow.
                 "What's so funny?" He asked as I stood up and grabbed my bag.
                 "Nothing just some tweets on twitter I saw from your fans." I said, partially honest.
                 He shook his head, "They're insane, but I love them."
                 "I can see why," I say, as we walk out of the door.
                 We hopped into Justin's Escalade and put our seatbelts on. He turned on the radio and put up the tinted windows, so people couldn't recognize us from the side. 
                "So where's this pool?" I asked, as we drove down the road.
                "Rooftop of some hotel in downtown, only like 10 minutes away. No big." He said, focused on the road.
               I nodded and looked to my phone, reading all of the different tweets.
               - OMG, Justin's so perf I can't with him ughhhh.
               - You are sooooo lucky, damn if only I won that contest.
               - This girl has the nerve to make Justin do the dishes, how about she gets up and does them?
              I shake my head at the last tweet and exit out of twitter. Justin parks into a parking lot deep into the back of a hotel. It's pretty dark here since it's like 12 in the morning but I just shrug and get out of the car.
              "It's probably empty at this time so we got a whole exclusive pool to ourselves." He said smiling, as we entered the parking lot elevator.
              He pulled out his phone and smiled at the tweets and the picture.
              "You would." He said laughing.
              I shrug, "You're cute when you wash the dishes."

                  "You're cuter though." He said winking as the elevator is rising.
              I laugh and pull out my phone, "C'mon lets take a picture."
              Justin came up and hugged me and since there was a mirror type thing in the elevator I decided to take a picture using that. After taking it Justin took his phone and took one too.
              "I like the one you took, send it to me." I said to him, smiling.
              He nodded, I went onto instagram and posted the picture.
              "@ClaireWilliams: maxin' in the elevator with @justinbieber <3" I put as the caption.
              The elevator stops and it reveals a beautiful rooftop, it was completely empty. Not a single soul on top with us. The pool was a crystal blue placed in the middle, with a bunch of lounge chairs and stuff near it. I place my bag on a chair and sit down, Justin sits right next to me and grabs some of my sun screen. I take some from him and take off my shorts and shirt so I'm just in my bikini. I start putting it everywhere so I wont get a sunburn. Trust me, those things make you look terrible. 
               I nudge him, "Justin, could you put some on my back." I said awkwardly.
               He smiled, "Sure, no prob."
               I sighed and handed the bottle to him, he put some in his hand and started rubbing it into my back. I don't know how long it takes for someone to do this but gosh he was taking a while.
               "Having fun there?" I said, interrupting him while he was making circles in my back.
               He jumped, then laughed. "Very funny" He said as he backed up awkwardly.
               We both sit back and pull out our phones. He sees that I tagged him in that Instagram post.
               "I actually really like that picture, you're so short compared to me." He said, smiling.
               I shook my head, "No need to rub it in Justin!" I said.
               He laughed and so did I, he was such a funny guy. I put my phone and sunglasses into my bad and walk over to the edge of the pool.
               "You coming?" I asked him, as he laid there.
               "Yeah in a sec," He said, looking at me.
               I walk over to the deep end and look down, 8 feet deep. No problem, just like the pools back at the YMCA at home. I head to the ledge and take a deep breath. I step back before running and jumping into the water.
               Justin's P.O.V.
               I snapped the picture right when she jumped. I was impressed with my photography skills that day, the picture came out pretty good. I open up twitter and tweet it, just because she took one of me.
              "@justinbieber: @iSmangedNay, i see u beautiful :)"
              I sent the tweet and my phone buzzed in notifications, I opened it up to see the tweets my fans sent.
             - That picture is so perf, Justin's really good at taking pics!
             - Wait what did he just call her? Guys guys guys.
             - She. Doesn't. Deserve. His. Attention.
             - #imagine me at the pool with justin oh my god!
             I exited out of twitter and looked up. I saw her soaking wet standing in front of me. She grabbed my hand and brought me to the water. I took off my shirt and threw it at the lounge chair I was sitting in. 
             "Jump in on 3?" I asked.
             She nodded, "1,2,3." 
             We jumped in, and the water felt so refreshing. I opened my eyes to see if I could spot her. Ah! There she was. Swimming around swiftly, passing by me like nothing. I went over to her and grabber her, bringing her up with me. Once we got up to the surface, we were face to face. She stared at me, causing me to smile stupidly. No Justin, don't lean in. You're moving to quick. I held myself back from giving her a kiss, instead I just hugged her. She hugged me tight, putting her head on my shoulder. She let go and looked at me.
              "You're cute." She said, as she dipped back down into the water just like that.
              She left me stunned, wanting more. I knew when the perfect moment was to give her that kiss though. Right there, while shes sitting in her beautiful dress at the Teen Choice Awards.

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