Sparks Flying

This story is about 17 year old Claire Williams. She is living an average high school seniors life, and she wouldn't change it for the world. One lucky day she gets picked to spend a summer with the man of her dreams, Justin Bieber. Will this be a summer to remember, or a time to forget?


11. Party.

"Oh, hi Selena." I say, trying to play cool.
She sits down, "Don't try playing nice, I know what's going on between you and Justin. That's the only reason we broke up," She paused, "You!"
I shook my head, "Justin dumped you, at least that's what I remembered." I say, laughing.
She rolls her eyes and taps her fingers on the table, "Where is he?" She asks.
"I don't know," I lie quickly.
"Yes you do, now tell me where he is." She demands.
"Nah, I don't think so. Why don't we wait until he comes back, unless you want to leave." I say.
I lay back in my chair without a care in the world, even though Selena Gomez is sitting right next to me it doesn't matter since she doesn't deserve any attention with the attitude she has set out in front of her.
"Fine, I guess we will have to wait. But listen I don't like the fact that you're trying to take Justin from me." She said.
"What do you mean? I came here because I won a contest, I came to have fun with Justin. I didn't come here to ruin your relationship." I say.
She scoffs, "He dumped me like a few days after you came. Doesn't that ring a bell?"
I laugh, "Maybe because you took up too much of his time, maybe because you're so jealous and demanding. After one twitcam you think we're getting married! Like no, stop. You're just obnoxious."
She gives me a shocked look, "You did not just talk to me like that?" She asked, getting up.
As she stands and inches closer to me, Justin walks up with two drinks in his hands. He sets them down on the table and gives Selena a look.
"What are you doing over here?" He asks.
"I'm getting back what's mine, Justin, baby. Don't leave me for her. You barely know her." She said, grabbing his arm.
I sit there, looking at them with a confused expression.
Justin gets out of her grip, "I know her enough to know that I would rather be with her than you." He said, sitting down next to me.
She puts her hands on her hips, "You asshole." She says, and with that she takes one of the drinks and 'accidentally' spills it onto me.
I tremble and I get up, putting my hands on her shoulders, shoving her back.
She stumbles back and doesn't even bother walking back towards me, she just stumbles along back to her table. I sit down next to Justin.
"I have to clean this up, would you mind helping me?" I ask.
He nods, and grabs my hand, leading me to the bathroom. He opens the door for me and I go and grab napkins and clean my dress.
He starts helping, "Don't mind her, she's going crazy." He said.
I laugh, "I can kinda tell. but it's alright."
"What did she say to you?" He asked.
"She just blamed me for you dumping her, saying I was the reason you did." I said, not making eye contact and feeling guilty about the entire situation.
"Well, she's right." He said.
My head shoots up and I look up at Justin in confusion.
"Justin, what do you mean?" I say, getting up.
"Well. Claire, I like you alright?" He says.
I laugh, "You do? That's adorable Bieber." I say, folding my arms.
He rolls his eyes, "Are you trying to play hard to get?" He asks.
I raise my eyebrows and walk towards the door, "Maybe."
He speeds up to me, grabbing my waist as we walk outside and back to our table. He puts an arm around me as we sit down. I take a sip of the drink that wasn't spilled on me.
"This is actually really good. I'm going to get some more okay?" I tell him.
"Alright, don't get lost." He said.
I hand him my phone for him to hold, and walk over to the table with the drinks. I scan the table and look for the drink that I had. I spot it and grab a cup, I pour the drink inside and turn around.
"Hey, did Justin leave you alone?" A familiar voice says, I look up to find Jaden.
"I-I, No he didn't." I say, nervously.
I was so close to spilling my drink, I can't go complete fan girl now. I have to contain myself. I take a deep breath and smile.
"Well that's too bad, you could have come and sat with me and the crew." He said.
"No it's fine, Justin is waiting for me. You can join us if you'd like?" I offered.
"Sure, I'll chill for a while." He said.
I nodded and lead him to our table. Justin looks up with a confused look.
"Justin, look at who I ran into!" Jaden said, sitting down across from us.
I fake a smile and fiddle with my fingers.
"Jay, what's up? Man I haven't seen you since Riverside." Justin says, doing this crazy handshake.
"Yeah man, I was working up on that movie with my dad. It's some good stuff bro." He said.
"Congrats man," Justin said.
"You and Claire must be close." Jaden said, how did he even know my name?
"Yeah we are, she's only been here for a week and a half now. She's got 3 weeks left here." Justin said, putting his hand on my thigh.
I half-smile, "Do you like it up here in LA?" Jaden asks.
"Yeah, it's different. I like it a lot." I say.
"Good, I hope you have fun on the rest of your stay. I might swing by to hang out one of these days." He says.
"Alright, I'll call you up." Justin says.
With that, Jaden gets up and walks back over to his table. I look over at Justin and take a sip of my drink.
"Well tonight has been really funny don't you think?" I ask, breaking the silence.
"Yeah, but I'm getting a bit bored. We can head home a bit early if you want?" He asks.
I nod and grab my phone, "Yeah, that would be great. Let's go."
He gets up and grabs me by the hand, leading me out of the crowd. Once we get outside the people in line start yelling and Justin stops to talk to the club's jumper.
"Yeah, our table is empty. So you can let like 7 of them inside, they can have it." He said.
The man nods and let's the 7 girls at the front of the line go in.
"You're so nice Justin." I say, as we walk down the empty sidewalks.
He shrugs, "It's nothing, I try my best to make others happy."
"Yeah, that's what I like about you." I say, causing him to squeeze my hand.
"You know, it's nice to find someone that actually likes me for me and not for 'Justin Bieber'." He says.
"And I'm glad someone actually likes me for me too, not for what I look like." I say.
We turn down the street to find Martin in the SUV. We hop in quick and Martin starts the car.
"How was it? You weren't in there for a while." He says, while driving.
"It wasn't fun, we both got really bored." Justin replies, looking at his phone.
'I see, did you meet anyone new Claire?" He asks.
"I had a couple of conversations with people, it was cool." I say, smiling.
"I'm glad, now are you guys going straight home or should I make a pit stop?" He asks.
"It's okay, you can take us home, we're already on the street anyways." Justin says.
"Alright then." Martin nodded.
We drove the rest of the short drive in silence and arrived at the house quick.
"Thanks for the ride Martin, you're the best." I say, shutting the door.
"Anything for you guys, have a safe night." He says.
"You too!" I add in, as Justin leads me to the door.
As we head inside, I lock the door behind me and walk upstairs. I wash off my face, removing the make up instantly and change into some sweats and a long sleeve shirt. I took my hair out of it's up-do and ran my hands through it, leaving it out. I looked at myself in the mirror for a while then shrugged and walked out. I made my way down the hall and downstairs and into the living room. I grab the remote and look at the recording list. I clicked on the TCA's and set the remote down, watching the ceremony that I just came back from. 

When it was halfway through, Justin hopped onto the couch right next to me and turned it off.
"Justin I was watching that!" I said.
"You were just there! Let's have some fun!" He says.
I rolled my eyes, "Okay fine, what do you want to do?"

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