Sparks Flying

This story is about 17 year old Claire Williams. She is living an average high school seniors life, and she wouldn't change it for the world. One lucky day she gets picked to spend a summer with the man of her dreams, Justin Bieber. Will this be a summer to remember, or a time to forget?


2. Misunderstanding.

      I slide myself into the car and put my phone on the armrest. Shutting the door as I make myself comfortable in the drivers seat. I grab the seat belt and throw it over myself, snapping it in place right next to my right thigh. I take my phone and plug it into the radio, putting the car key into the ignition. As I put down my window I grab my iPhone 4s and slide its arrow to the right, I tap the orange music icon and look through my albums. I pull up Believe and set the entire playlist on loop so that I won't die on my way to the mall. I wrap my arm around the passengers seat and look behind me as I maneuver myself out of the driveway and onto the road. I hit the gas and set off onto the road.

           "Baby I'm here, I'm here to stay I ain't going nowhere." I sing as I sway my head back and forth getting into the music. Right here has got to be one of my favorite songs on the album. I smile and keep left on the road as I take my turn on the fork and head onto the highway. I always loved speeding since it was something not everyone would do. I set my foot on the gas and set off on 70 miles per hour. I look at the exit signs, dodging the cars that are in front of me. Exit 25, 24, 23, finally exit 22. I turn right and set out on the ramp that leads to the local malls parking lot. I click on the button to receive my parking ticket and place it in my pocket. I circle the parking lot to find a spot. I luckily found a car backing out of its parking spot 3 spots away from the door. I sighed and took my phone out of the radio, paused the music. I put up my car window, took the key out of the ignition, and locked my doors. I put my purse over my shoulder and set out into the mall after closing my door.

      I get into the huge building and go on the first escalator I see. I keep my head down since I really don't want to talk to any one here. 2 escalators down, 1 more to go. As I make my way to the last escalator I bump into someone. I look up to apologize and see that its Matthew Crenshaw, the biggest most annoying jock in school.

"Sorry," I manage to say as I roll my eyes and get onto the escalator. He gets on behind me.

"Oh well I've never seen you around, and who may you be hot stuff?" He smirks as he leans back on the railing trying to act cute.

"Uh, I'm Claire Williams. I've been in school with you for the last 3 years?" I say confused.

"Oh well I've never seen your fine self around the halls, maybe we should walk around the mall a bit, get to know each other since we haven't already?" He suggests.

I decline immediately. "I'm here to get something and leave, I really wouldn't want to keep my mother waiting."

As we reach the top of the escalator to the food court, Priscilla Hearthrow the worst drama queen in school comes up to us.

"Well I didn't know little Miss Shy had a thing with Crenshaw, hm what a surprise." She says pressing her lips together up and downing me.

      A crowd manages to build up and I barge my way out of the center I hurry down to S'barros and order a Large Bacon pizza. I tap my feet as the clerk pulls up the price.

"14.50 please." She says annoyed.

     I swipe down my moms debit card and put in the 4 digit pin. I put it back into my purse and I take the receipt from her hand. I go and sit down in the closest table to wait 15 minutes for my pizza. I sit looking around at all of the people gathered with friends, laughing, socializing, and occasionally stealing a glimpse of me. I looked over to Matthew who was gathered with the jocks, looking at me then looking away. Then at Priscilla who pointed at me laughing with all of her snotty friends. To my surprise the pizza was ready. I practically ran up to the register and grabbed it. I grab the box and rush to the escalator, I avoid everyone on my path. 2 down, 1 more to go. On the last one I let out a sigh of relief that I made it out alive. I open the door and unlock my car. I set the pizza in the passengers seat and don't even bother putting music on or pulling down my window. I drive home quickly and park the car. Just 48 hours and I'll be on that plane heading out to Justin.


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