Sparks Flying

This story is about 17 year old Claire Williams. She is living an average high school seniors life, and she wouldn't change it for the world. One lucky day she gets picked to spend a summer with the man of her dreams, Justin Bieber. Will this be a summer to remember, or a time to forget?


3. Finally!

           I wake up to my mother on my neck and shaking me around. Today is the day that I fly out to meet Justin. I thought that I would feel a bit more excited about this but I'm actually very annoyed? I don't know if its the fact that my moms waking me up like this or that I'm nervous that Justin won't like me. I sigh as I open my eyes to look up at my mother. She is sitting there with a big smile on her face, already woken up and dressed.

"Wake up and get ready sweetie, your dream is about to come true!" She laughs and strokes my hair.

I groan and reply, "Very funny Mom, but could you make me a bagel real quick? I wanna check in and go through security as soon as possible"

            She sets out to the kitchen as I get up and grab my towel and head to the bathroom. I walk in close the door and brush my teeth. I look at my disgusting self and sigh knowing that I have to get extra nice for Justin. After what seemed like hours I finally gargled with my mouthwash and stripped myself down and entered the warm shower. I washed my hair to make it smell like those berries on the commercials, and to my surprise this new shampoo was really good. I shrugged and scrubbed. I turned off the shower stepped outside and wrapped myself in my towel, being very cautious not to wet the whole place. I put on my black bra and matching underwear. I drown myself in lotion and moisturizer, making sure my whole body and face looked completely smooth and not ashy. I looked through my clothes and put on some high waisted jean shorts. I then put on a tank top, with a black over sized sweater that said "Vans: Off the Wall" right in the middle. I put my no show neon green socks on then my all black vans after them. I look at my hair and grab my Suave mousse and gel and start scrunching it up a bit to make it all wavy. I part my hair so one side is bigger than the other and I looked at myself satisfied. I grabbed my blue and green Vera Bradley side bag and put it over me. I placed my phone, a charger, my beats, my wallet, my camera, some mints, and my iPad in it. I spray on some of my perfume before I set out into the hallway and go downstairs to leave. I see that my 2 suitcases are already in the car so I just grab the bagel and sit in the passengers seat of the car. I eat the bagel as soon as I get in so I don't forget about it. My mom locks the house and gets into the car. Since the Airport wasn't far from my house we didn't spend much time in the car. We arrived and she helped me drop off my bags to the airline and check in. We finished and it was about an hour until my flight, I went to security.

 "Claire, make sure you call me if anything happens and you stay safe out there! I don't want my little girl to get hurt!" She smiles trying to hold back the tears.

"Mom its alright I'll only be 8 weeks. Just wait 8 weeks, you'll go great." I half smile and go into her arms for a long hug.

                  After we pull away we say our last goodbyes and I set off to security. I take off my shoes and my bag and drop it into the bin. I walk past the scanner and was approved. I grab all my things and put them all quickly, I needed to find my gate, A14 Delta. I turn to the Delta wing and go down the gates. A12, A13, and finally A14. I look at the screen next to the door and see that they are about to call first class in 5 minutes. I sigh in relief clutching my side bag as I sit down alone. I look around to see everyone flying and it didn't seem like such a bad group.

"All first class aboard to Flight 4593 Detroit, Michigan Direct to Los Angeles, California please make your way to the kiosk." The flight attendant announces on the intercom.

                   I pull myself up and find myself first in line. The lady looks at me with a bright smile and stamps my ticket. I smile back and she lets me go. I head onto the sky bridge onto the plane and looked to find my seat. C3, a window seat, in first class too! Really didn't seem bad so I take my bag and place it under the seat in front of me. I sigh and pull out the table on the front of the seat and place my arms on it, I look out the window and feel someone sit next to me. I look to my left to see a girl not any younger than 16 years old by my side. She gives me a warm smile and I return it to her.

"Hey my names Emily!" She says as she pulls out her table as well.

"I'm Claire, nice to meet you."

                 I didn't think this flight would be bad, since I would be sitting to someone that may actually keep me way more company than I would myself. I started thinking about how I would greet Justin, maybe a kiss on the cheek, or a handshake, what about a hug? My thoughts were interrupted by a booming sound on the planes intercom.

"Attention, attention welcome to Flight 4593 to Los Angeles flying from Detroit. Now that everyone has their seat belt fastened we must go over rules of the plane. In case of any emergency locate the exit closest to yours and follow further instructions. The cushions of your seats may be used as flotation devices, also there are vests in between your seats that open with the pull of a string and have automatic lights that turn on in contact with water. In case of any chemical emergency life masks will drop from the top of your cabin in front of you, one for every person in the row. In the bathrooms it is against Federal Law to tamper with, disarm, or break the smoke detector and we hope you do not do so. Thank you for flying with Delta, you will be informed on when you can turn on any device that you have."

            I lay back as the plane backs out of its space, slowly making its way out of the runway. It finally makes its way to the lane and picks up speed. My legs get a bit numb and I feel as if the back of my head is clinging to the seat. My neck starts to hurt, and I get really nauseous. Before I knew it we were in the sky, reaching heights that I'd never dare travel until today. I look over at Emily who is looking at other people in the cabin, then I look outside at the state of Michigan. I lay back and sigh not used to this feeling that I'm getting of traveling on a plane.

"This flight will be approximately 4 hours and 59 minutes. We also are now at 13,000 feet, permitting you to take out your electronic devices. Again, thank you for Flying Delta." The intercom speaks with the sweet voice of the flight attendant.

                  I take out my phone and unlock it, quickly going to my twitter app. I tap on where it allows you to make a tweet and start typing "@iSmangedNay: I hate planes, please get me out of here!" I tap on send tweet and put my phone back in the bag. I lay back and look all around the cabin, my eyes getting droopier, and droopier. Before I knew it I was knocked out on my way to Los Angeles with my bag gripped tight to my chest.

 "Welcome, welcome all of you to Los Angeles, California! I hope you've enjoyed your flight and come along with Delta again. Make sure to add these miles to your rewards card to get points!" I wake up to the sound of the soft sweet voice yet again booming.

                    I wait till the plane clears out to be able to get out. I say goodbye to the flight attendants and thank them for an amazing nap. I go down to baggage collection and grab both of my hot pink suitcases, trying to make my way to the exit, I start getting really nervous. I look around and around until I see a tall boy. One in which was sagging his jeans, wearing his supras, a black hoodie and a beanie. He was holding a sign that said "Claire Williams" on it, a boy in which happened to be Justin Bieber.


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