Sparks Flying

This story is about 17 year old Claire Williams. She is living an average high school seniors life, and she wouldn't change it for the world. One lucky day she gets picked to spend a summer with the man of her dreams, Justin Bieber. Will this be a summer to remember, or a time to forget?


6. All Nighters!

               Justin's P.O.V.

               "Wanna do a Twitcam? Omegle? Anything?" I ask her.

               She smiles, "Hm, I like Twitcams." She says.

               I nod and go onto twitter, checking my mentions first as always. I see a lot of tweets about the picture I tweeted of Claire and I. I click on the picture and look at it.

              "This pictures cute." I said.

              "Aw yeah, I like that one." She smiled.

              I smile as well and create a Ustream. I share the link and the room is filling fast. When it reaches about 500 I finally start talking.

              "Hey guys, Justin here." I say, as the side starts blowing with tweets.

              Claire starts to laugh and I nudge her, "What's so funny Claire?" I ask, laughing.

              "Nothing, nothing." She said, between giggles.

               I shake my head and look to the camera, "How about all of you guys ask us a few questions?" I ask.

               The side of the page blows up in different questions, I start off with the basic ones.

               "Oh! A question for Claire. Claire how old are you?" I say to her.

               "I'm 18 guys! Gonna be 19 in a month." She says, smiling

               "Another one for Claire, How did you win the contest? What did you send in?" I say, looking at her intently.
               She shrugged, "Well I found out that I won 2 weeks before I came here. I honestly didn't know I entered. Turns out my mom entered for me since she knew how much of a Belieber I was." She said looking at me, "Best surprise ever."
                I smile and nudge her in the arm, "She loves me guys," I say winking.
                She blushes and starts to laugh nervously, I smile and look down at my phone. It was blowing up with all of Selena's texts. She was really being a pain, but I didn't focus on her. I turned my phone off and threw it at the bed.
                After about an hour we decided to go off and do something else, "Alright, bye guys! I'm gonna go play some hide and go seek with Claire around the house. See ya!" I said as I shut the laptop off and put it aside.
                "You wanna play hide and seek?" I ask her, as she lays back into my bed holding onto a pillow.
                "Sure! Wanna be it?" She says.
                "Fine, but don't count on winning cause I'll find you!" I warn her. 
                She gets up and runs, "Count to 50!' She yells as she sprints down the stairs.
                Claire's P.O.V.
                 I sprint down the stairs and slip through the kitchen, running through the dining room and jumping over the couch in the living room. I open random doors to see where I can hide. Laundry room, no. Closet, no. Entertainment room, no. Garage, yes. I slip in, shutting the door behind me.  I look through the shelves and behind the cars. Believe me, this boy had some expensive looking cars. I swift by then and spot a box at the edge of the room in the middle of a bunch of other ones, I run and jump into it, shutting the top. It's tight, and my breathing was heavy yet quiet. I wait in there for a good 15 minutes, I shrug and stay in there for a little longer. I get tired of waiting and end up getting out of the box, I jump back at the sight of Justin sitting on the ground.
                "I wanted to see how long you would last in there." He said laughing.
                I went up and punched him in the arm, "You're such a jerk!"
                He laughed and mocked me, "Nope, I'm just funny."
                I smiled and shook my head, "Yeah, you're very funny." I say sarcastically.
                He stood up and led me out of the garage, I sat at the kitchen counter and he opened up the fridge.
                "You want ice cream? I have cookie dough." He said pulling it out.
                "Sure, thanks." I say taking the bowl he gave me.
                I take a huge spoonful as he sits down next to me, I swing my chair so that we're facing each other.
                "So Claire, you have a bathing suit for the pool tomorrow?" He asks me casually.
                "Yeah, of course I do." I say as if it was something obvious.
                "Oh alright, because I could have taken you shopping for one." He said smiling.
                I raised my eyebrows, "No thanks, it's fine really." I say quickly.
                "Alright, whatever you say." He said, chuckling.
                He looked down at his phone which kept on ringing annoyingly. I suppose it was his manager or something, he stood up.
                "I gotta take this call," He said as he walked up the stairs to his room. 
                I sigh and put my empty bowl in the sink, I take out my phone and start scrolling down my Instagram feed. I suddenly heard Justin raising his voice at whoever he was talking to.
                "No, Sel. Just stop it. I'm not in the mood for you right now. I'm in the middle of having a good time and you accuse me of cheating? Is that what you call a girlfriend?." He paused.
                "Just one twitcam and you think we're getting married? You need to get a hold of yourself because I'm going to be spending the next 2 months with Claire and if you can't handle it then that's your problem!" He spat.
                I raised my eyebrows and tried to contain the laughter, luckily I didn't laugh as loud as I wanted to.
               "Go ahead, do it! Ruin me Selena, I dare you. You have nothing on me, you're just jealous. I don't even know why I'm still on the phone with you right now? No no, how about YOU listen. I'm tired, I'm done. Done done done. Just, just stop. Bye." He said as he let out a huge sigh. 
               He walked to the kitchens door and looked at me, "Movie?" He asked as he walked up to me.
               "Sure, you pick." I say, getting back up and putting my phone away.
              "The Devil Inside!" He said while he jumped up and down.
               "Oh my god Justin, no!" I pouted, scared.
               "C'mon Claire, please. I'll be right next to you. It will be just fine!" He said grabbing my hand bringing me up the stairs.
               "Ugh, fine!" I say, plopping onto his bed.
               He grabs the remote and jumps on next to me, he orders the movie.
               "It comes on in 15 minutes so we have to kill time, wanna play 21 questions?" He asked.
               "Yeah, yeah sure." I say, "You first."
                He nods, "Alright, hm. When did you have your first kiss?"
               I start to laugh, "In 7th grade, oh my god it was terrible." 
               "Really? That bad?" He asked, amused.
               I nod, "But anyways, what are you looking forward to this summer?" I asked.
               "Well, I am looking forward to the teen choice awards. I'm really excited for it since I got nominated for 3 awards. I think you'd like going with me." He said, looking at me with a smile.
               "Oh really? That's so exciting, I can't wait to go!" I say, "When is it?"
               "It's like 3 weeks from tomorrow, so we're gonna have to go shopping for what to wear next week." He said.
               "No no! I'm not gonna let you buy this super expensive dress for me and stuff, it's cool." I insist.
               "Uh no, if you're gonna be my date you're gonna have to look nice." He said quickly.
                     I gave him a look, "Date?" I asked.
                     "I'm not gonna leave you here and go alone, you're obviously coming with me. Therefore, making you my date." He said confidently.
                      I look up at the TV blushing, "It's 1:30 the movies on." I say, grabbing a pillow and laying my head on it.
                      He dims the lights and lays back down, the movie starts and I'm already scared. An hour goes by and the movie starts getting really intense. I sit up on the bed, sitting cross legged. Justin looks over and laughs at me, sitting up as well. He puts his arm around me and lays my shoulder on his chest.
                      "It's alright, I know you're a little wimp." He said laughing.
                      I laugh and cover my eyes, I end up spending the whole movie in his grip. When it's over and it's finally 3 am I get out of his bed.
                      "Justin, I'ma go to bed. Since we're gonna be up by 10 tomorrow." I say, opening his door.
                      "You sure? I can stay awake if you want to?" He insists.
                      "Yeah I'm sure, night Justin." I say as I walk out.
                      "Night Claire." He said, shutting the door.
                       My god, was this really happening? Me? Claire Williams? Out to be Justin's date at the TCA's? This should be good.

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