This is about a girl that is always beaten when she gets home. One day she was going to go shopping, but what happens when five boys kidnap her.


5. chapter 4


Niall's P.O.V


Wow, since when did Uncle Simon have a niece or a sibling. I looked over a the other boys and they seemed just as shocked. Uncle Simon started telling her that she was going to live with him and she got pretty excited. That's until he stopped mid-sentence and walked over to us. " Boys can I talk to you outside for a minute" he asked. We all walked outside anxious to hear what he had to say. " Boys, I need you to let my niece live with you."

" I thought she'd be living with you" said Liam.

" Well yes but I didn't want her to alone all the time while I was out at work."

'Ok then" Liam responded.

After our agreement we all headed back inside. When we got there I saw her turn around quickly and hide something behind her back. she sneakily put the picture down event though I saw. Simon went up to her and told her the plan even though she didn't agree to it she went with it.

We got to the car and I asked her " So can you tell us your name now."

She looked at me and sighed "alright my name is Melissa but you can call me Mel."


Melissa's (Mel) P.O.V


After 30 long minutes we finally arrived at their house. When I got out they were already running half way up to the house. When I finally reached the house I tried twisting the door knob only to find out it was locked. "Guys seriously open the door." I waited and there was no response. I was getting hungry and not in the mood to wait outside all day so I started to walk down the street to the Starbucks that we passed on the way here. When I got inside I was greeted with the beautiful smell of coffee. once I ordered my drink I sat down to drink it quietly. After half an hour I decided to walk back to the house.

When I got back I noticed the door was unlocked and walked in. When I did I saw 5 worried boys looking at me. Once they saw me they got up and gave me a big bear hug. " Can't breath" , " Why did you all look so worried" I asked. " We thought you ran away" said Zayn. I explained to them what happened and they all oh'd indicating they understood what I was saying. " Well don't do it again" said Liam firmly. " Whatever you say dad" I said sarcastically.

"Hey so what room am I staying in" I asked.

" here follow me" Liam said. I followed him upstairs and saw all their rooms. "Here is your room" he said. " Thanks and can I borrow some cloths to sleep in" I asked to no one unparticular.  "Sure you can borrow some of mine" Niall said. I quickly went to his room as he handed me some cloths and went back to room to change in them. After I was done I heard Louis yell for all of us to go downstairs to the living room. Louis thought it would be a great idea to play a game of truth or dare." Ok Mel truth or dare" asked Louis. "Truth" "Are you a virgin" he asked. " Never mind I choose dare" "ok I dare you to answer the question" he stated with a smug grin on his face. I didn't answer instead I just got up and told them all I was tired. While trying to find my room I made a wrong turn and ended up in someone else's room. I saw something in the corner of his room and walked in further wanting to know what it was. " What do you think your doing" a loud voice boomed.

Uh Oh.

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