This is about a girl that is always beaten when she gets home. One day she was going to go shopping, but what happens when five boys kidnap her.


4. chapter 3

Melissa's P.O.V


"What, how are you my uncle none of my parents have siblings" i said. "Well im your mothers brother but she left the family when she was young and lost contact with her" explained Simon. "That can't be...but...ok...so exactly why am i here" i said. "Instead of living with your father your going to come live with me" he said. "Really im living with you!" i said ecididly. "Yes, well actually, hold on a minute" he said. He walked over to the boys and they went outside of his office. I stood there for about 10 minutes so i decided to look around his office. There were a couple of photos and then i saw the picture that brought me to tears. I didn't notice i was crying until a tear rolled down my cheek. Thats when Simon and the boys came in. Since i was still holding the picture i quickly turned around and put it behind my back. "Waz up" i said as if nothing was wrong and quickly wiped away the tears. "Were you just crying?" Liam asked. "No, i just got something in my eye" i mumbled. "Are you sure your-" "I'm fine ok" i said cutting him off. "I have decided that you are going to stay with the boys because i can't have you sitting around doing nothing" uncle Simon said. "You mean a babysitter" i said. "No not like a babysitter more like company so you don't get lonely" he said. "But-" "No buts, thats my final decision" he said. When he spoke i heard a couple of chuckles when he said but. "Real mature guys" i said to them and they shut up.



Niall's P.O.V.

(Back when they were kidnapping her)


Today me and the boys were going to get that girl uncle Simon told us we had to get. We followed her yesterday to make sure that was the girl we needed. It was. When we found out that was the right girl we discussed on how we were going to get her to come with us.  The boys had all good ideas  but when she started walking faster she wouldn't want to come with us. "How about we kidnap her" said Harry. We all agreed but i was a bit hesitate. We all got off of the couch and went outside to the van.


The drive was a good 20 minutes away from our house. We parked infront of her house and went up her portch. We were going to ring the doorbell but then the door flew open and out jumped a girl. She had beautiful brown hair that went half way down her back. She turned around and finally noticed us. I saw she had beautiful gree/ blue eyes. "Come with us" said Zayn. To my surprise she started following us. Then Harry grabbed her arms and tied them behind her back. I felt bad because we were kidnapping her and she looked terrified. Zayn then pushed her in the back and jumped in after her followed by Harry then me. When Liam and Louis closed the back i saw she got her hands infront of her and went right up to Zayn and punched him in the face. She then went up to Harry and kicked him in the balls. I was frozen then i realized i was next so i went and grabbed her from behind. She started struggling to get out of my grasp but i wouldn't let her go. She finally calmed down and i told her if she didn't hurt any of us i would untie her. She agreed to my request so i untied her. After i untied her i took my glasses and hoodie off. The rest of the boys did the same and she seemed like she was studying us. "Like what you see, love" Harry said being his cheeky self. "You wish" she said back crossing her arms over her chest. "Oooohhhh" we all said. I saw she looked proud of her respnce while Harry was sending her death glares. "Whats your name" asked Harry. "I'm not telloing you freaks" she said. "Aww come on love were not going to hurt you" i said. "How about you tell me yours first" she said. We told her our names then Harry said "now will you tell us your name." "I wanted all of your names not just 3 out of 5" she said. Liam and Louis then introduced themselves. She asked us why we kidnapped her so we told her the only reason  we know. I noticed we stopped and Liam and Louis got out of the front seats and opened the back. When they did the girl went sprinting out of the car. Harry and i went running after her while the other boys waited. We ran for a good 2 minutes until she crashed into a pole. Harry and i started laughing and went over to get her. Harry flung her over his shoulder and started walking back. I heard them bickering but decided to ignore them. We finally got back to the others and Harry put her down. We built like a fort around her and led her to uncle Simon's office. We waited while uncle Simon introduced himslef to the girl. I noticed she asked him a question and so did the boys. "So exactly who are you?" she asked. He then answered "well you see here, I'm your uncle."


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