This is about a girl that is always beaten when she gets home. One day she was going to go shopping, but what happens when five boys kidnap her.


3. Chapter 2

Melissa's P.O.V.


I was trying to see who they were but it was impossible behind their glasses and hoodies. "come with us" one said. Me being my stupid self followed them. Next thing i know i was being tied up and thrown in the back of a black van. 3 of them got in the back with me and the other 2 got in the front. When they got in the back, without thinking i went ninja on them. Since my hands were behind my back i put them under my legs and got them in front of me. I punched one of them in the face and he fell over.  I then kicked one of them in the crotch and he fell over. Before i could do anything to the third one he grabbed me and made me settle down.  "If i let you go do you promise not to hurt any of us" the one with an Irish accent said. I nodded, since i had duck tape on my mouth, he untied my hands. I got the tape off of my mouth after he untied me. The one that untied me took off his glasses and hoodie and if i do say so myself he was hot with a capital H. The rest of the them did the same. I was trying to remember were i saw them from. "Like what you see, love" the one with curly hair and green eyes said. "You wish" i said back. "Oooohhhhh" the others said while i was smirking, happy with my response. He gave me a death glare so i looked away. "Whats your name, love" one of them said. "I'm not telling you freaks" i said. "Aww c'mon love were not going to hurt you" the blond one said. "How about you tell me yours first" I said coldly. Ok, my names Niall, Niall Horan" he said. "My names Harry, Harry Styles" the one with curly hair and green eyes said. "And my names Zayn Malik" the one with black hair and brown eyes said. "Now will you tell us your name" asked Harry. "I wanted all of your names not just 3 out of 5" i said getting irritated. "My names Louis Tomlinson" said the one in the passenger seat wearing a stripped shirt said. "And I'm Liam Payne" said the one driving and wearing a plaid shirt. "Now will you tell us your name?" asked Louis. "Let me think about it . . . NO" i yelled. "You have to tell us, we told you ours" said Harry. "Uuumm let me think you kidnapped me and now you expect me to tell you my name. I don't thinks so curly" I said getting angrier. It was silent for a while and i got really uncomfortable so i decided to speak up. "So, exactly why did you kidnap me" i said. Everyone was looking at each other and then Niall decided to speak up. "Well Simon ,our manager, told us we had to bring you to him and you wouldn't come with us so we had to kidnap you" he said. "Your right about not going with you, but who the hell is Simon and why does he want me" I said more calm. "I don't know, he didn't say but we will ask him right now" he said. I turned around and noticed we stopped in front of a building. The two in the opened the back door and without thinking i sprinted out of the car. I was still running and didn't know if any of them were following me so i turned around to check to check if they were. I saw that Harry and Niall were close by so i turned around to focus where i was going. When i turned around i ran strait into a pole. I stumbled a little and grabbed my forehead. "Were the fuck did that come from" i yelled. Next thing i knew I'm being thrown over someones shoulder. I started punching and kicking him and i turned my head to see who it was. I saw a big bunch of curly hair so i started kicking harder. "Stop kicking, it hurts" he said. "Really? Well maybe if you put me down i wouldn't be hurting you, you twit" i said back. "Well if you didn't run away then you wouldn't have been on my shoulder" he said. "Well if you didn't kidnap me then i wouldn't have to run away" i said getting angrier by the minute. After that he didn't respond. A couple of minutes later we arrived back to the rest of the boys. Harry put me down and the boys made a fort around me. "Is this really necessary?" i asked. None of them answered me and started walking. We got in the building and went to their managers office. "Hello I'm Simon Cowell" the guy in a suit said. "Hello" i replied. I stood their akwardly for a couple of seconds and finally decided to speak up. "So exactly who are you?" I asked. "Well you see here, I'm your uncle" he said. 

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