Love Story

This is the love story about Rose Lipton and Jerry Rosslyn


10. Wedding day

This is the day that my dreams came true.

I was in my dressing room getting all prettied up for the wedding, my hair really pretty, my dress perfect the white veil  with rhinestones at the ends.

Melody and Lilia were helping me with my hair and makeup.

Melody and Lilia had on fancy dark blue dresses.

Then Melody said "I can't wait until my wedding and WOW! I am still impressed that you guys are still together and getting married in a couple hours." butterflies did a dance in my stomach.

**************** after the wedding***********************************

We had this nice courtyard reception  with all of our family together and we were chatting with different family members.

I was talking to my cousin (Madeline) and her 11 year old daughter (Kayla) and her 8 year old son (Lucas)

"Rosie, so where is your honeymoon gonna be?" she asked curiously

" in Paris." I responded

"ooooh, very romantic! the city of love." she said as she walked away with her two kids. Lucas looked bored and Kayla looked like she wanted me to tell her some stories of me and Jerry like I did when I when I was 17.

About 30 minutes later all of the kids gathered around me and pleaded me to tell me the story of us.

So I told the story.

Halfway through the story I looked at Kayla's face and she looked like I just told the most inspirational story that she has ever heard.

After I was done I said looking at him from behind the kids and said " he is a miracle"

" and I love him."



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