Love Story

This is the love story about Rose Lipton and Jerry Rosslyn


7. The proposal

We dated all throughout college.

For winter break,  we decided to go to Hawaii.

On the plane, I fell a sleep on his shoulder, but then I woke up.

He was video chatting with Danny and Mitchel.

When I woke up, he welcomed me into the conversation.

When we were landing though, our video chat had to end.

"This place is so tropical and romantic!" I said.

"That's why we're here, baby." He said sexily.

Then we kissed.

We took a taxi to the rental car place, then, Jerry rented a car.

Soon after, we hopped in and drove to the hotel.

"WOW! this has such a modern theme to the room." I cooed.

"That's because I got us the honeymoon suite" he said.

"AWWWWWWW, I love you so much Jerry!" I cried.

After a couple weeks in Hawaii, it was our last day on the beach so we had a bonfire on the beach.

Then, Jerry put on a grass skirt and a coconut bra.

I was laughing so hard.

He sang this to me: " Rose your my angel, your my pretty flower, I love you a lot, and I wanna ask you....."

He ripped off the coconut bra and his grass skirt, and  he was on one knee and holding the prettiest ring in a velvet box.

"Rose, will you marry me?" He asked.

I started crying tears of joy and then ran into his arms.


We kissed over and over again.

"This is what I have been waiting for since I was 5." I told him in tears.

 We kissed again.

 On the plane, the next day, we video chatted with all of our friends, and I showed them the ring.

" OMG YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED!" yelled Lilia and Melody at the same time.

Lilia then said, " I told you so."

Jerry then popped into our conversation.

"Whahhh????" He asked confused.

"Lilia always wanted us to be together." I said.

Then he replied with "So did I." 

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