Love Story

This is the love story about Rose Lipton and Jerry Rosslyn


8. Planning the wedding

Every day after school we would plan for the wedding.

We were trying to figure out where the wedding would take place.

'I've always wanted to have a wedding Paris, the city of love." I swooned, in my plush leather chair.

" Baby, look we can have our honeymoon in Paris, how about we have the wedding in Boston?" Jerry replied.

"Where in Boston?" I questioned suspiciously.

Soon after, Jerry brought up the website for the park. 

"OMG! It's so pretty!" I squealed.

"Yep, I'll book the wedding in the summer. Let's see what dates are available." He said, while searching the website.

"AH! here we go, June 14th, July 7th, July 25, August 6th, August 27th.... what do you think babe?" he said. I replied with a simple, "July 25th." 

"Okay, baby, I'll book the wedding." he said in a handsome way. I flopped on the couch,  then when he was done booking the wedding he sat down with me.

I turned on the T.V, and snuggled up next to him. I just love, love.


***************************** a month later*****************************************************

He chose his best men: Mitchel and Danny.

And I chose my brides maids: Lilia, Melody,and Candy.

We sent out the invitations to friends and family. I thought about inviting Josie, but then, I thought, she would ruin the wedding.

By May, we were almost ready for the wedding.

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