Love Story

This is the love story about Rose Lipton and Jerry Rosslyn


18. Josie's P.O.V of graduation/the kiss.

As you all know, I was dating Jerry by then.

We got together one afternoon to do dirty stuff!!!!

But, we ended up just making out in the trunk of his car.

Skipping through the graduation ceremony la la la boring stuff.

At the party I was just hanging out with my boyfriend kissing him lot.

"Josie I love you!" He said rubbing his nose against mine.

"I love you too Jerry!" I said smiling.

We were slow dancing.

"Hey Josie, I am going to get some punch do you want some too?" He asked me.

"Sure, baby!" I said kissing him.

I watched him walk to the food table.

I was distracted for a while.

when I looked back at the punch table he was gone.

I walked over to Lilia.

"Lilia, have you seen Jerry? He left to get punch about 5 minutes ago and now he's gone. "I said calmly.

"Wow! Josie Lynn, losing your boyfriend already!" Lilia teased.


"Okay gosh, I don't maybe he has to pee." Lilia shrugged.

"Thank you, I'll just wait for him." I said moving away.

I sat down next to Candy at a table.

After about 5 minutes later.

"Josie hi yeah we can't hang out your great I don't love you bye." Jerry said really fast.

"What!  Jerry!" I yelled.

"I...I....I need to break up with you!" He finally announced.

"Jerry!" I yelled.

"Sorry it won't work out." Jerry said walking away.

It was over.



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