Love Story

This is the love story about Rose Lipton and Jerry Rosslyn


15. Jerry's P.O.V of the proposal

We dated all through out college.

For winter break we decided to go on a trip to Hawaii.

On the plane Rose fell asleep on my shoulder I was on my lap top video chatting with Mitchel and Danny.

We had a long conversation then finally Rose woke up and I welcomed her into the conversation.

As soon as we knew it we had to end our conversation and leave the plane.

I rented a car then I drove us to our hotel.

We got the hotel room key and arrived at our door.

" This room is so romantic!" said Rose

"that's why we are here baby" i said in a sexy way.


A few weeks later it was our last day in Hawaii.

We had a bonfire on the beach.

I put on a coconut bra and a grass skirt.

And then I sang to rose, "Rose your my angel, your my pretty flower,I love you a lot and I wanna ask you"

"Rose, will you marry me?" 

She started crying tears of joy.

 then ran into my arms and said yes! 

We started kissing over and over again.

On the plane we video chatted all of our friends and showed everyone Rose's ring.

"OMG YOUR GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Melody and Lilia at the same time.

"I told you so" said Lilia

"whaa?" I said confused

"Lilia has always wanted us to be together" answered Rose

"so did I" I said

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