Love Story

This is the love story about Rose Lipton and Jerry Rosslyn


12. Jerry's P.O.V of high school chapter 4

I never imagined me marrying Rose, I had my eyes on this girl named Josie ever since the 6th grade.

I liked everything as just friends.

High school was a crazy time for me.

I was a lifeguard at the town pool when I was 16.

One day, I saw Josie walk out of the girls locker room.

She looked HOT!

Finally, it was my shift.

I climbed up the later to get to the lifeguard tower and watched every suspicious person.

Lilia and Rose came and waved at me.

"oh,not again" I said softly

Candy and Josie were yelling at each other then as soon as I knew it Josie went flying into the pool.

I dived in being the responsible lifeguard.

I put her on the pool deck and she sat up and kissed me with the whole entire pool staring at us.

I continued making out with her until I was fired and  then we went to my car and continued making out.

When school started again we announced that we were dating then we kissed.

Now I regret that day that I kissed her well she kissed me but, I love Rose and I wish that I always loved her because she is my wife now.

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