Love Story

This is the love story about Rose Lipton and Jerry Rosslyn


14. Jerry's P.O.V of dating Jerry

Our first date was in the summer before we started college.

I took her out to a nice Italian  restaurant  in the next town over afterwards we started talking.

We mainly talked about the past.

I knew the date went perfectly and I could see it in her eyes.

I dropped her off at front porch and kissed her on her front steps then we decided to talk about our next date.

In early August I put on a nice sharp outfit to go pick up Rose at her house I was holding roses in my hand when she walked out she looked beautiful I couldn't breathe for to seconds then I managed to say "I love you" even though my mind went blank all I herd out her her mouth was "I love you too." after I couldn't understand what I said.

I walked with her to my car, I opened the door for her then drove her to a fancy seafood restaurant.

We got together with Lilia, Melody, Mitchel, and, Danny.

We made toasts for each other.

Mitchel made one for us, " here is  to   Rose and Jerry for being the high light off our last high school hang out."

I herd Melody and Lilia whisper to each other " and for making Josie a jealous word that starts with B and ends with itch."

I smiled instead of laughing.

After dinner we went to a hotel and spent the night there.

I oolalaaed with Rose but I am not sure what everyone else was doing all I cared about was Rose.

We both went college in New York so we bought a penthouse together.

We decorated the penthouse awesomely.

After a long day we both flopped on our bed and looked at each other and then kissed.  



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