Love Story

This is the love story about Rose Lipton and Jerry Rosslyn


4. high school

I still had my friends..(gladly), and Jerry was still at my school. 

But, Josie was also there.   

Here's when the dirt gets all over that nasty, gross Josie.

Over the summer, 2 years after we started high school, Jerry was a life guard. So, of course Lilia would want to see him.

My phone buzzed in the pocket of my high-waisted shorts.

"Hello?" I asked, not bothering to check the caller-ID.

"Ayo, girlaaaa, who do you think is calling you?" An unfamiliar voice rambled.

"Ummm, hi, ummm.... Lilia?" I replied quizzically.

"Ughhhh, you guessed correctly." Lilia groaned.

"Nice. you were calling because....?" I questioned.

"Oh, well, um, Melody and I were "studying" for our science test, when Candy texted me "OMG OMG, JERRY'S A LIFE-GUARD!!!!" sooooo I called you....TADAAAAAAHHHH!" Lilia rambled.

"!?!?" I squealed.

"Yes, and calm yourself, gosh."

"MEET YOU THERE IN 10!" I squealed for what felt like the millionth time.

I hung up, and slipped on a cute, but hot swim suit. Jerry is a I want to impress him. Was I jealous? Maybe a little.

I ran over to Lilia's house as fast as my Jimmy-choo flip flops could take me.

Lilia swung open the door. 

"C'MON, ROSE! LET'S GET 'EM TIGER!" Lilia screamed and we drove off to the pool.

Just as we could get there....things started to go wrong.


And with that, Josie went flying into the pool.

Jerry blew his whistle, and jumped in to save her.

He gave her mouth-to-mouth, even though that she-devil was clearly fine, and she sat up and kissed him! 

 My mouth wide open and Lilia cursing her head off. We both looked like insane idiots, especially Lilia; she had one fist up in the air and making a funny face.

I ran off the pool deck crying  but I had to go back.

When I got back, Jerry was still making out with Josie. I was so heartbroken! I had a crush on him since I was 5. How could I survive the rest of high school?

On the first day of school, Josie told me and Lilia that they were now official. 

I let out a high pitched noise, and she gave me a strange look.

I just knew, they were gonna be dating for the rest of high school.  

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