Love Story

This is the love story about Rose Lipton and Jerry Rosslyn


5. Graduation chapter/ the kiss

It was the day before graduation, and Josie was talking to a group of girls about something.

Me, Melody, and Lilia rushed to go see what they were talking about.

"Hey Josie" said Melody

"Whats going on" said Lilia in a very creepy voice.

She told us that she  was "playing" games in the janitors closet after school with Jerry. I let out  yet another high pitched noise.

"Why does she always do that!?" Josie said in an annoyed way.

We turned and walked away from Josie.

Melody put her arm around me, and said "lets go do our, I am going to murder you in your sleep dance!"

Lilia and Melody did a really creepy dance.

"THAT'S NOT HELPING!" I screamed a little too loud.

"Maybe  tomorrow,  you should tell him" said Lilia.

"Melody what do you think?' I asked.

"Honestly, I think you should too." replied Melody.

Their  serious expressions forced me to say, "fine I'll do it!"

The next day, after the ceremony we had a big party in the gym, just for the seniors.

Now was my chance.

I pulled Jerry into the hallway.

"Jerry" I said nervously. "I have had a crush on you since I was 5 years old. It just breaks my heart to see you with J- "

He leaned over to kiss me

Sparks then flew.

Then, after the AMAZING kiss, I said"Jerry, I love you".

I started crying, and then he asked me why I never told him.

"'I thought it would ruin our friendship." I sniffled.

"Rose I love you too."  he said.

We kissed again.

 After he broke up with Josie, we shared a dance. Then, we kissed again right in front of Josie's jealous face. 

"AWWWWWWW!" yelled Candy from the back of the gym. "THAT'S ADORABLE!!"

"I love you" I said again as we then, kissed again.

"It's a good thing their colleges are near each other." Melody said.

"Rose my life would suck without you." Jerry breathed.

We kissed again. 

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