Love Story

This is the love story about Rose Lipton and Jerry Rosslyn


6. Dating Jerry

Our first date was the in the summer before we started college.

We spent most of our time talking about Josie, when we were little kids, and our future.

At the end of the date, we walked around the town talking and laughing.

He then, dropped me off at my house.

(Of course we kissed.)

In early August: Me, Lilia, Melody, Danny, Mitchel,and Jerry went out on a couples night out a week before college.

We all made strange toasts with Ginger ale in a wine glass.

Mitchel made one for us: "Here is to Rose and Jerry for being the highlight of our "end of high school dance"."

Lilia whispered to Melody, across the dinner table "And for making Josie a jealous, word that starts with B and ends in itch." Melody  laughed really hard then kicked her softly in the leg.

At the end of the couples night out, we all left the restaurant and walked to the parking garage.

Jerry opened up the car door for me, and I sat down.

 We were in the car with everyone else too.

Melody and Mitchel sat in the trunk of Jerry's SUV, Lilia and Danny sat in the middle.

I turned around to talk to Melody and Lilia, but Lilia was playing with Danny's hair (even though it wasn't long), and Melody was making out with Mitchel.

I rolled my eyes.

Jerry looked so serious, but so handsome; I just wanted to kiss those cute lips!

We all decided to spend the night together at a hotel.

So, Mitchel and Melody in one room, me and Jerry in another room, and Lilia and Danny in another room .

All Danny and Lilia did was watch all 3 of the Austin Powers movies.

Melody and Mitchel were having a dance party for 2.

Jerry and I did some unforgettable stuff. (wink, wink ;) )

I am NOT listing the details. I am too much of a lady to do that. ;)

A week later, we started college in New York.

A fashion school for me, and N.Y.U for Jerry.

We shared an apartment.

Later in the school year, I became an interior designer, so our apartment was SNAZZY!

He was the best boyfriend ever!

"I love you" we both said, at the same time, while flopping on our bed after setting up our new home.  

Then we kissed. (AGAIN!!!)


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